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Pup not wanting to walk.

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CEvert Mon 07-Oct-13 09:13:12

For the last few days my pup did not want to walk.
He would stand on the pavement and not budge, with his tail between his legs.
I tried giving him treats and give him several gentle pull but he is having none of it but wanting to go home.
I ended up carrying him to the park, once there, he was fine.

There’s been no changes at home, no change in diet, very playful, so not sure why all of a sudden he became reluctant to go for a walk.
Any advice would be appreciated.

My springer did this at about 4 months. A trainer advised giving him treats - that didn't work. He was helped by having a VERY enthusiastic 7 year old girl dancing about in front of him, encouraging every step!

I suspect a very enthusiastic anyone may be able to help you.

picnicinthewoods Tue 08-Oct-13 19:24:26

My puppy does this toosmile As the other poster has said, we have also found the best thing to do is get everyone else to walk in front of him (or run, dance, act silly!). If he still wont move, I give the lead to DD or DS and I walk in front.....he always follows me. I did the whole carrying thing, but I've done my back in & now there is no question of him being carried! I have also used treats in a trail to get him to move. To keep him moving once he's walking, I regularly encourage using his name in a 'jingle jangle' kind of voice and that seems to work too!!

CEvert Wed 09-Oct-13 09:29:08

Don’t really know any kids in the area so it’s just me and the partner.
Tried dancing in front of the pup and playing with the toys, he seemed totally disinterested.
This morning after carrying him to the park, he refused to walk there too.
He has no problems running/walking back home, just not walking away, and at home he is hyper so it’s not anything physical.
Not sure what to do as have tried treats/toys/dance in front of him.
Also do not want to carry him as this would become a habit.

Do you know anyone with an older, more obliging dog?

I used to sometimes walk a short with a little girl and her geriatric greyhound - my stubborn pup was quite happy to walk with them.

Have you tried the 'wossis' noise and throwing treats just in front of you so he has to move to get it? Mine loves Wossis now!

This phase doesn't last long, just keep trying anything and everything. They do sometimes suddenly become fearful of life, the universe and everything so I don't think it is unusual.

And once you've cracked it you can move on to my current problem - how to stop him pulling!

picnicinthewoods Wed 09-Oct-13 11:49:50

Probably just a confidence thing and pup will grow out of it. I would just keep carrying if no other option just to get him out. Hopefully he will soon realise how much fun going out is and it'll be a short lived phase. By the way take whatever I say with a large pinch of salt because I only have the experience of my own pup. I would also give loads of praise for any improvements, no matter how small. Sometimes when my pup stays still, I have to wait ages for him to get curious and then he will move. The hardest part for us is getting him out of the house, even though he gets so excited when I get his lead out.

CEvert Wed 16-Oct-13 13:22:12


CEvert Wed 16-Oct-13 13:27:12

He is really stubborn (a Pug) I am still carrying him to the park and the local wood. Once there he is fine. As soon as we are on the pavement outside the house he stops. He refuses to walk and I don't want to be dragging him as that's cruel. Have a family staying with us this weekend so hopefully their 4 yr old girl wouldfo the trick and snap him out of it.

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