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Call your bloody dog off or I'll bite it myself! (Having a rant, sorry!)

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pigsDOfly Sun 29-Sep-13 20:52:24

Yeah this really annoys me.

But it gets worse. There's a lovely dog, with a lovely owner, who comes to our park. He's a rescue with some sort of gun dog in him - he loves to stand and watch the birds and squirrels and mind his own business.

A few weeks ago a very yappy spaniel, also a regular, was in the park and the bloody spaniel wouldn't leave the other dog alone, jumping in his face, bouncing around him and generally being a bloody nuisance. In the end the gun dog growled at him, he never barks, and the owner of the bloody spaniel kicked the gun dog on the side.

I was some way away and saw it almost out the corner of my eye. Unfortunately the owner of the gun dog didn't really say anything to the other owner, who isn't some great hulking brute, but a small thin elderly man, so not particularly threatening.

If his sodding dog ever comes near mine, he'll be the one getting the kicking; the owner that is, not the dog. I wouldn't kick the dog.

Onwardsandsideways Sun 29-Sep-13 20:25:35

Honestly, what is it with some dog owners?? My lovely girl is well behaved, trustworthy, sociable, but doesn't like other dogs bouncing about in her face - fair enough, I don't blame her. She'll tolerate a certain amount of over-boisterousness from other dogs but I know the signs of when she's had enough (if the other dog doesn't first get the message that she doesn't want to play) and will call her off and we'll walk away (and she comes with me, looking quite relieved to be rescued!) and other dog will mostly bugger off back to its owner. But there's always that one that won't and it's really pissing me off now! Sodding spaniel today, wouldn't go away, eventually my girl had a growl and flashed some teeth, so I asked its owner to call her dog off and explained why - but the little f**ker had absolutely no recall and wouldn't go! Ended up with Poochie on her lead and us doing a brisk walk across the field with spaniel running amok being chased by owner - and leaving a trail of shit behind it too! Seems to be more and more out of control dogs about and its really pissing me off, because we all know I'd be in the wrong if Poochie actually bit one of the little sods! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! angry

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