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What's best for a family dog if you work?

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PatTheHammer Sun 22-Sep-13 20:29:58

Just curious I suppose what everyone does when clearly lots of people who work also own a dog.

I've wanted a dog for a while, bought up with labs as hugely loved family pets and love other people's dogs. However, work and then babies came first when I was younger. I never felt it was fair to own a dog when I worked full-time and so did DH.
Since I had the DC I've worked part-time but I still work part of everyday. Now the DC are a bit older (7 and 4) and my youngest has just started school. At the same time I have taken a decision to cut my working hours significantly as I was stressed and DH was promoted so we were not under so much financial pressure.
The DC are desperate for a dog too (not that I'm silly enough to think that they would help at all.....they are far too little) but I really remember my dogs as a child being such a fundamental part of my childhood.

Anyway, cutting to the chase. My working days basically start early but I finish at 1pm. I then have 2 hours till I have to do the school run. These last few weeks I have been thinking that would be an ideal time to walk the dog, if we had one. DH had a back op last year and he is keen to incorporate walking in the evening into his exercise plan so he would be up for taking the dog out later too. We spend a lot of the weekends walking as a family too and it does feel as though we are missing a dog!

Is 8am till 1pm ish too long to leave a dog most days? Not sure we would have much time to do anything other than give a quick walk round the block in the morning so dog would have to wait till afternoon for main exercise. Is this healthy?

There are other practical issues, small garden, need a larger car (which we are getting in December), not really sure what we would do if we went on holiday (our in-laws who are local hate dogs and all my friends and neighbours have their own dogs to look after or small children).

Basically............talk me out of it, it's a bad idea isn't it!

P.s: I have got time to commit to training and I don't really want a puppy or a pedigree dog. All dogs considered except overly large ones due to garden size!

mistlethrush Wed 16-Oct-13 09:45:30

Pat - is she with other hounds at the moment? Is she left alone for any periods of time? Some pointies do suffer from separation anxiety - sometimes this can be dealt with (we've managed to, and Moose has with her older lurcher) but greyhounds, coming from kennels, suddenly finding themselves in a home with no other dogs it can be a big change. Hopefully it won't be a problem, but just thought it might be worth mentioning.

PatTheHammer Wed 16-Oct-13 15:54:22

Hi Mistle- They have specifically been looking for one for us that has minimum risk of separation anxiety. That's not to say that she might not have a little bit when she first comes to us.

I get the impression that she is a bit unbothered by other dogs.

I'll know more when I have spoken to the other lady.

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