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Two dogs together, genders, ages, what works best?

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hellymelly Tue 10-Sep-13 13:30:30

Time for us to get a new terrier, we lost our last one over a year ago. This time I am thinking maybe we should have two dogs, rather than a singleton, but what works best- two puppies? Siblings? Getting a puppy first and then another when the puppy is a year or so? I want the two to get along obviously, and I have only ever had one male dog at a time. This time as the DDs will be walking the dog when they are a bit older I will probably choose a bitch to limit the chances of fights, although as my previous dogs very rarely got into fights maybe I am worrying too much about that? Can you keep two bitches without spats? Or should we just stick with one!?

hellymelly Thu 12-Sep-13 16:07:22

I have put my name down for a female Irish terrier from the next litter, and will most probably add a male Fox Terrier in a year or two, either a rescue adult or another pup. Feels good to have decided! I am really happy with the breeder we found, very careful and responsible, good tempered dogs, so that helped the decision process. Thanks for all the great advice everyone.

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