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itchy dog! any suggestions please

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thewizenedone Tue 03-Sep-13 18:18:12


Wizeneddog has a serious chin scratching foot nibbling habit. we were advisef by the vet to start a low allergy food trial to see if this helped. Tried Hills science low allergy followed by ultra low allergy. Didnt really see much change tbh but then tried happy paws low allergan holisticfood. The main problem with these low allergy foods is they have little or no fillers or cereals so her poos became soft and small.

Now problem was anal glands as well as feet and chin
our girl is a 5 year old Boxer. She has little fur on her chin from scratching. Scabs on her paws and is scooting even though poos now seem normal
We tried bitter apple spray but it doesnt seem to deter her.

Any advice please


mrslaughan Wed 04-Sep-13 07:10:03

Is it all year long - or just happened over summer?
Our dog is nowhere as bad as yours, but we had terrible trouble with his paws - was going to talk to vet about anti histimines, but decided to try washing ddogs paws after every walk and it really helped,
Ddog also had trouble under his muzzle in summer - the heat made him drool - but I just would put sudocream under it a couple of times a day, when it looked like it was starting to flare up.

thewizenedone Wed 04-Sep-13 16:50:09

Thanks Mrslaughan, I hadn't thought of sudocreme. Have used some savlon and that seemed to help a bit. I think the food is a non starter to be honest because its a real problem for her with the anal glands, yuk. Will try the foot washing. I think her chin is a problem area not just the scratching but the licking of her feet means its constantly being wetted.

thanks again

LeoandBoosmum Wed 04-Sep-13 16:52:06

Our vet sold us Sebocalm. About 9 quid but really helped. Also, we give our dogs Solvitax (a kind of doggy cod liver oil from Pets at Home for about 8 quid but huge bottle and a v. small amount is used daily) and that helped from the inside out. Hope your dog feels better soon...

thewizenedone Wed 04-Sep-13 21:51:03

I will try that thanks. Have been using warm salt water and mild shampoo to bathe feet. We usual add olive oil to her food and give tuna

Its just getting on top of gbe itch scratch itch. Hopefully. Will buy the solvitax and try that. Annoyingly apart from her chin and paws ghe rest of her is stunningly glossy and healthy looking

Thanks again

mrslaughan Wed 04-Sep-13 21:54:18

The other thing that worked well on a horsebit that wasn't healing was filtaback creme, anti-bioyic Zinc oxide essentially.

You could also think about something like Yumega oil added to food, plus raw food diet - some have found it great for dogs with allergies......its abit of a faff to get you head around , but is actually quite just need a freezer (it my case a HUGE one)

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