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puppy is on a super high......

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furbaby Fri 30-Aug-13 19:34:18

10 week old darling pup has been a little bugger all afternoon , no amount of throwing ball and playing with him helps .
He has been winding up our old dog all afternoon and she is fed up with him and is now shouting in his face to leave her alone .
Its now raining out so can, t even get rid of excess energy outside .
Think problem is he usually spends afternoons with dd and her pup so when we get him at tea time he is exhausted .
any advice please .....

Springcleanish Fri 30-Aug-13 19:48:16

No advice, but can offer sympathy.
Snap - She's driving me mad! DH is out and I've thrown my last ball/ cuddly toy before I collapse in a snivelling heap, she'll go on for ever. Wine o'clock and tennis for the puppies.

furbaby Fri 30-Aug-13 20:02:51

Its hard is, nt it Sringcleanish .....
wine oclock is the answer for us anyway .
He, s normally better than this but today has been terrible , he, s all bitey and snappy and thinking he, s the bees knees ...(sigh)
Roll on bedtime , he sleeps with us and is a little star , no hassle all night just snores and farts !
Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us smile

mrslaughan Fri 30-Aug-13 20:47:02

Have you thought about crate training - I know it is a bore to suggest......
It's jut puppies are like newborns and at 10weeks old should be getting lots of sleep, by continuing to play with him, you may b hyping him up, know how toddlers can push through any tiredness and then become a nightmare of hyper activity.
A crate would give you the opportunity to teach him to calm himself and go to sleep........but it's not a matter of just sticking him in the crate, you need to get him used toi t slowly, so he doesn't see it as a place of punishment but a place of refuge

furbaby Fri 30-Aug-13 22:17:14

Thanks yes we had thought about getting him a crate .
pros and cons with it , just can, t decide .
it would be nice to have somewhere safe for him , he spends lots of time in garden but I have to keep checking on him that he, s not digging or eating plants .
you do have a point on the toddler thing .... he has behaved like a tiresome toddler all afternoon and your right by keep playing with him he just got overtired and difficult .
Thank you both

Springcleanish Sat 31-Aug-13 04:45:02

We've got a crate, and our usually calm and sleepy puppy who stays in there from midnight until six, has tonight decided getting up time is 3.30am. After promising to be on duty tonight DH went to let her out hoping she just needed a wee, then shut her back in wide awake and came up to wake me up to tell me puppy was awake. He's now snoring in bed.
She's overtired, I'm overtired, we're both sat on the sofa in the dark glaring at each other. She just doesn't want to be in her crate and whines and barks if left. I can't sit through it and risk waking the neighbours. Aghhhhhh...

Tomorrow will be better smile

moosemama Wed 04-Sep-13 19:21:13

Hi furbaby,

I think mrslaughlan is onto something. My pup is now 13 weeks old, so a little older than yours, but he still needs to sleep loads and just like a toddler can sometimes wander around biting things and whining just because he's tired but can't wind down enough to relax.

We've reinforced the cue 'settled down' by saying 'settle down' 'good boy' every time he was getting dopey and falling asleep and that definitely seems to help as if he gets manic, but has been awake for ages, eaten and toiletted I pick him up for cuddle, stroke him softly and give him the cue then he seems to calm and when I put him down usually takes himself off for a nap.

Our pup does have a crate, but only has the door shut overnight and when I do the school run (at which time he gets a variety of stuffed kongs and treat dispensing toys to distract him in there). He loves it and happily takes himself off to bed or plays in there at various intervals throughout the day.

topbannana Sat 07-Sep-13 01:20:49

The LandShark needed (and to an extent still does) to be put to bed, very like a small child. Its been a few years since i had a young pip and I had forGotten quite how much sleep they actually need.
The behaviour you describe is, IME, an over tired puppy that needs to settle and sleep.

ForTheLoveOfSocks Sat 07-Sep-13 03:51:59

I used to 'pin' my pup on my lap and get him to sleep when he was overtired by cuddling him.

Trouble is he is now a big four year old springer who's head bearly fits on my lap now and weighs around 22kg. And he still likes to sleep on me grin

I would try a crate. I was like you, I had my reservations but he loved it. It was his own little space. I bought the biggest one I could find. It fit his bed, bowls and a puppy pad at night time just in case.

I'm not envy of puppy cuddles

wishingitwasfriday Mon 09-Sep-13 12:34:02

Our dog loves her crate. In fact when we broght her home she ran straight in, bounced on her bed and looked at us as if to say "I'm home". She loves it in there now and will often take herself off there if the house is too noisy or she's in a bad mood with us!

I agree with the over tired puppy theory. Even now (our staffie is 2) I will still make her lay down and I'll rub her back in slow motion. It really calms her down and makes her sleepy.

Love puppy cuddles, such a lovely time.

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