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Is this normal?

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pimmsgalore Wed 21-Aug-13 14:59:54

Got pimmspup 6 weeks ago and his training is going ok. He is adorable, sweet and quick to learn. However pimmsdog has suddenly forgotten all of his training, recall has gone to pot, just wants to play with pup and has turned into a mental over excited lunatic.

Is this normal, is he jealous or what? I have been giving them both separate walks and doing training with each on their own and DH says he is fine with him on their morning walk (they go every day at 5am) even bringing pup back when he doesn't come. He is just being so naughty with me. It has also been manic in our house with 4DCs on holiday and friends with DCs staying. Maybe he has picked up on the DCs excitement and decided to join in

LucyHoneychurchsView Wed 21-Aug-13 16:33:07

I think it's very normal. When we got our second dog, our first underwent a temporary personality change. He wasn't manic, but was very miserable and moped about sadly. He refused to touch his favourite toys if the puppy had been near them and was generally very sulky and put out.

He did eventually settle back down and return to his normal chipper self, so I wouldn't worry unduly. Also, like you say, the manic atmosphere in your house will have affected him too - I've noticed a major difference between our dogs and the same breeds who live in child-free houses. They usually seem a lot calmer and less puppyish than ours who are now 4 and 5 years old.

moosemama Wed 21-Aug-13 18:21:58

I think it's very common. We picked up our new pup a little over a week ago and at first Lurcherboy wasn't impressed at all.

Now he's decided he likes the pup and wants to play with him, he has started being naughty and ignoring cues that he was pretty near 100% on responding to before.

We had just returned from a two week holiday with friends and Lurcherboy when we picked up our pup and everyone commented on what an obedient well behaved dog he was while we were away. We were easily able to recall him away from other dogs on the beach, even when he was in full flight towards them and he was absolutely no trouble at all. This afternoon I have been in the garden with both dogs and Lurcherboy has ignored just about every cue I've given him, refused to come when call, ignored the instant down and leave cues etc. Like your dog, all he wanted to do was charge around with the pup and was so over-excited he couldn't calm down enough to listen and do as he was told. Dh had him on the lead while I carried pup for socialisation and the weekend and Lurcherboy was pulling him all over the place, when he normally walks beautifully on a loose lead at all times.

I would just keep doing individual training sessions with them and eventually things should settle down. In the meantime, try not to ask too much of him when he's around the pup and likely to ignore cues, as you don't want him to start becoming insensitive to them. Instead work hard on positively reinforcing them during your individual training sessions.

If you think about it, they've had their whole routine and life turned upside down and it's bound to affect them until they find their bearings again and adjust to their new life.

pimmsgalore Wed 21-Aug-13 20:20:24

Thanks for the reassurance. I am hoping that once the DCs are back at school the house will calm down, routine will come back and we will all be well behaved. grin
I have walked them separately today and that has proven to be slightly better

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