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Blardy dog! I really need advice...!

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MrsWolowitz Mon 19-Aug-13 08:17:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Awks Mon 19-Aug-13 08:29:01

Aw you poor thing, but this is quite common I think and is the reason why loads of dogs are rehomed at about 10 months as they just regress or go all teenagey.

The toilet training is easier I think, just go back to doing what you did when he was a pup - is that possible. You know, the taking him out to the garden every 20 mins and making a massive fuss when he wees. You've probably just opened the door for him every couple of hours now as you were used to him behaving but now he isn't its back to treating him like a pup. Obviously this is assuming he's clean overnight and there are no medical problems with his toileting. It's a pain, you think you've cracked it and then they regress.

The recall use a long line and harness maybe? He's being a teenager now and testing you and enjoying his freedom.

A month of going back to the basics and he will be back to being a good boy again, I'm sure.

We've just got a 11 week old cocker pup and tbh I am totally expecting and dreading ours doing this, but i know he will, most of em are horrible between 6 months and 18 months.

Paperbacknovel Mon 19-Aug-13 08:37:46

No no no. I had the worst puppy ever. Yes to teenagery, yes to long line and harness (recommended by dog trainer to me) and as to the toilet training...took 14 months for my puppy to 'get it'. Going back to basics - agree and I was dead against this...but having done the positive stuff for 13 months....I smacked her bum when she weed on living room carpet, again. After the third time she got the hint and started asking for the backyard. Now she tends to wee by the back door if she's desperate and I've forgotten to let her out...she looks worried then, but I just quietly let her out the back far as I'm concerned then she at least tried to get to the right place.

Also try 'wee away' or one of those that breaks down the crystals in the urine to remove the smell completely. I used this. Still didn't stop her. But worth a try.

There are also the times she used to run all the way upstairs (not allowed) and poo in my bedroom, the time she pooed on the back of the sofa...

tabulahrasa Mon 19-Aug-13 11:09:42

If it helps at all - I've had lots of dogs, private rehomes (years ago before the internet) rescued from pound ones who all came with various issues, one who we took in because it was left tied to my garden gate sad and they all became mostly well behaved pets.

This one, the one I've had from a puppy, where I tried so hard to do everything right and even go to training classes with...I've managed to completely break him, lol, we're at the point currently (he's just turned 1) where I'm having to completely restart recall training because what I've succeeded in teaching him is that if I call him back on a walk, he should look for people or dogs. hmm

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