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Greyhound questions

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cantpooinpeace Sun 18-Aug-13 18:27:32

Looking at starting the process of adopting a Greyhound ASAP.

Just wondered:

1) how much can I expect to pay for one?

2) I have two children 4 & 6 - would they allow me to have a greyhound with children of that age?

Mitzi50 Sun 18-Aug-13 20:11:37

Hi. I am also thinking about adopting a greyhound.

I contacted our nearest greyhound rescue and explained our situation (different from yours - teenagers, another small dog and I wanted a quiet dog). She was really helpful and said she would pick out a suitable dog (she currently has 50!). We went to walk him today, he was lovely. Tomorrow, we are going back with our little dog to see if they get on.

I would take advice direct from the rescue centre. They are supposed to make good family pets.

cantpooinpeace Sun 18-Aug-13 20:24:01

Any idea on how much u pay for one?

Mitzi50 Sun 18-Aug-13 20:35:44

I am not sure I think a donation to the charity- I know they come neutered, with dental and vet check and vaccinations. They will want to do a home check. I've just seen there is an ongoing thread about greyhounds - you will prob get more knowledgable advice there.

Mitzi50 Sun 18-Aug-13 20:37:29

By the way, my son says I misheard - the centre has 15 rescue dogs not 50.

TheCunnyFunt Sun 18-Aug-13 20:42:23

What exactly do you mean by 'pay for one'? Do you mean an adoption fee or how much do they cost per month (food, vacs etc)? Adoption fees vary with different rescues, I paid the rescue £50 for my Greyhound but I know other rescues ask for £100+ fee.

As for children, my DD was 7.5 months old when our dog arrived. It depends on the rescue really. Some are happy to rehome with children of any age and some prefer to rehome with older children.

cinnamongreyhound Mon 19-Aug-13 07:21:43

We've had both of ours from local retired greyhound trust, they asked lots of questions about how I'd keep the children/dog safe but were happy for me to have the right dog, my boys are 2 and 6 and I'm a childminder, i didn't have any when I got my first one. I wanted one not too jumpy but we had the chance to meet as many available dogs as we wanted and walk/play with them. We were charged a £125 donation fee but dog came neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, with a months insurance and collar and lead.

Scuttlebutter Mon 19-Aug-13 09:50:27

OP, each rescue varies in what they ask as an adoption fee. When you adopt a greyhound, they will usually be neutered/spayed, chipped, vaccinated, wormed, health checked and assessed for behaviour. Most rescues have to fund raise to cover all the costs as the adoption fee rarely covers all that I've listed. It varies from rescue to rescue - anywhere from £80 to £180, but you should be looking at around the £100 mark as a minimum. The adoption fee also means that you will get lifelong backup - I know of cases where rescues have provided support five or six years after adoption, for example, by providing emergency foster care.

You should also be budgeting for a suitable collar, winter coat, muzzle, vet bills, food, kennelling for holidays, insurance, worming, training classes, safe transport in your car, and bear in mind that greys often need ongoing dental work which is rarely covered by insurance, and can be expensive.

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