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Is anyone a Pets As Therapy volunteer?

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bassetfeet Tue 06-Aug-13 00:17:44

So pleased to hear this TCF. Awful time for you all to endure . So pleased that your brother is eating again and he can speak .
flowers to you all .

TheCunnyFunt Mon 05-Aug-13 22:16:15

He's doing okay thanks Basset, he ended up being in hospital for 3 months, came out early April and even then he had a feeding tube in with bagged food. He can now eat proper food though which is great. His voice is coming back too (his throat was slit and his voice box was damaged), he just sounds like he has a permanent sore throat!

bassetfeet Mon 05-Aug-13 21:55:27

I think I remember you posting about your brother TCF . How is he doing ?

No rush for you to do it immediately anyway ........good luck and go for it when all is ready . take care and tummy rub for lovely dog wink.

TheCunnyFunt Mon 05-Aug-13 20:13:05

Well my application form arrived on Saturday, I'm not going to do anything about it just yet though as there's a few things I need to do before we get assessed. I was reading the checklist and when I read the part where it said they have to be vacced I suddenly realised Sprocket was meant to be done in January blush he's been unvacced for 7 months blush in my defence I didn't have him when I got the reminder. He was being fostered because my brother was stabbed and he was in hospital dying (he didn't, but only because a miracle ECMO team saved his life when he was inches away from death).

It says on the form that it takes 12 weeks to get an answer to hear if you passed or not shock

LadyTurmoil Mon 29-Jul-13 19:00:35

What a wonderful thing to do, Cunny. A friend of mine has a small, black, soppy Staffie and wanted to do it. When she was visiting a local hospice, she took him round and the older people loved it. Unfortunately, her dog is terrified of people sneezing, so not so good if visiting old, ill people unfortunately smile

TheCunnyFunt Mon 29-Jul-13 17:18:37

Of course I will Basset. I sent off for an application form last night which should be here in the next week or two smile

bassetfeet Mon 29-Jul-13 16:55:40

Will you update us if you can OP if you go ahead? Would love to know how it goes for you and your lovely dog .

valiumredhead Sun 28-Jul-13 16:08:58

My dad had done this with his lab for a few years now, loves it and so do the elderly folks. Go for itsmile

oldandcrabby Sun 28-Jul-13 15:29:24

Go for it, I am an assessor and have been visiting the local hospice for 9 years with senior dog. Both dogs have done some phobic work with the local CAMHS health professionals. Greyhounds often make fabulous PAT dogs, calm, gentle and friendly. They are wheelchair height too. Your coordinator will have a list of establishment who want visits and they could well include your local ones. If she is as local as you think, she may well buddy you on your first visit. The assessment is thorough but the assessor will chat to you about the charity. It is Head Office who makes the decision, they do take a bit of time to do this, so don't get anxious.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Sun 28-Jul-13 09:25:29

smile that's great!!

One day I will be able to do this too. I've wanted to for years but I need a dog first.

TheCunnyFunt Sun 28-Jul-13 09:16:39

Well I emailed the area coordinator for my town, and I'm not 100% sure but I think she lives 4 doors down from me grin

She said she'll be happy to help/advise me on my application and she'll more than likely be the person to assess us, and driving isn't necessary smile

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Sun 28-Jul-13 08:15:08

Just ask them. I'm sure that they would be appreciative if every bit of help and every member they can get. I think it's a lovely idea. I love animals and the idea of being stuck ina home and never seeing one again fills me with dread. I would love to see someone like you and your lovely dog.

Let us know what they say smile

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 28-Jul-13 08:07:03

I'm sure it wouldn't Cunny have a chat with your local PAt co-ordinator, there may be someone else who does it who can drive, or they may have local places in need of visitors.

I'm marking my place as I'd love to do this with my Goldie, she's such a gentle softie. As long as I'd taken her for a good run before the visit she'd be great.

TheCunnyFunt Sat 27-Jul-13 23:50:51

Do you reckon it'll matter if I can't drive?

NorbertDentressangle Sat 27-Jul-13 22:06:06

A neighbour does this with her dog and loves it!

wickerdog Sat 27-Jul-13 22:03:21

Do it!

bassetfeet Sat 27-Jul-13 21:57:50

My mum lives in a care home . They used to have a PAT dog visit weekly . It was so welcome and the residents loved to have a gentle dog to interact with ,pat and cuddle . I cant imagine how awful it must be to have had a dog as your dearest companion in earlier life and then never to pat one again.
I would imagine that staff would alert you to residents who dont like dogs/allergies etc . And expect lots of sweeties being fed to him sneakily ! Mum had toffees in her cardigan despite my pleas they are bad for dogs !. Keep your eyes on the treats wink
Lovely lovely idea OP .

TheCunnyFunt Sat 27-Jul-13 21:35:33

I found out a bit about it today, I think I quite fancy doing it. I'm a SAHM and get one afternoon off a week when DD goes to ger grandma's, although if I asked MIL I'm pretty sure she'd agree to have her a wee bit more often.

I discovered that there is a PAT area coordinator in my town too which is quite handy to know.

One thing I think could be a problem is the fact that I don't drive, although there are quite a few nursing homes and a very small hospital in my town all within walking distance.

My dog is a retired Greyhound, from what I've read on the PAT website, he fits the criteria, he's calm, loves to be fussed (he's really a massive flirt!), walks lovely on the lead, is very gentle when taking food, doesn't jump up and he does jump at sudden loud noises but quickly recovers and is happy to investigate what made the noise.

Should we go for it? Is there anything else I should know?

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