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The dog is going into boarding tomorrow and today she has cut her ear. Typically bad timing.

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bryte Fri 26-Jul-13 08:57:58

It seems fine today, thankfully. That powder is like miracle stuff!

ClaimedByMe Thu 25-Jul-13 16:56:39

I would take her to the vet to get checked just for your own peace of mind and so can give any treatment info to the boarding home.

bryte Thu 25-Jul-13 16:53:51

Our lurcher has a cut on the bottom of her ear. We've got some antibiotic powder for it which we're reapplying frequently. The bleeding has not stopped completely. Is that normal? Will it stop? It's not a deep cut. It's a surface wound, about half a centimetre in diameter.

She's going to a person who boards dogs in a purpose built part of her house, so more like a home from home. Not kennels.

Should we take her to the vet? Will they do anything other than what we are doing now? The last thing I need is her to have stitches and have to wear a cone for the two weeks she is boarding. It doesn't look like stitches would help. It's so on the surface. But I'm not a vet so have no idea. I'm just musing really and looking for opinions and BTDT advice. smile

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