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Looks like we might be getting our rescue!

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GeorgianMumto5 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:35:28

Garden is secure, although the dog will be tiny, so I will make sure there are no wriggle holes he could squeeze through. There is no way he could escape to the front (street) or rear (railway) but I will just double-check he can't pay an unscheduled visit to my neighbour.

Other barrier to us will be if he has already shown a dislike of/excessive interest in small furries, as we have a hamster and two guinea pigs.

Otherwise I think we tick enough boxes - part-time worker (me), woodland and towpath very close by, sensible children (home visitor will get to meet them) and some previous experience with dogs. Not nearly enough experience, but enough to make me think, 'I can do this!'

GeorgianMumto5 Wed 24-Jul-13 01:04:54

A small curly haired one. grin

LadyTurmoil Wed 24-Jul-13 00:49:48

Wow, that's very exciting! Usually a home check is just to check if garden secure etc so I'm sure you'll be fine. I know you don't want to out yourself but any chance of hearing what breed? Good luck anyway smile

GeorgianMumto5 Wed 24-Jul-13 00:39:41

Got a phone call today from a breed rescue we registered with. They think they might have found us our perfect match. He's a puppy (wasn't expecting that, but it feels like a bonus!), a boy and very sweet, apparently. He's just been neutered and chipped. He's in foster, rather than kennels. That's all I know at the moment.

It is subject to a home check, so he's not actually ours, but he might be. This is the nearest we've been.

Any advice for us? I've had dogs before (I grew up with them) but not 'of my own', if you see what I mean. (They were my parents' dogs.)

The breed rescue is respectable and well-thought of. I'm reluctant to provide more details about them yet, as I will completely out myself and it's all very much in the early stages. They think he might be 'our' dog. We've enquired after others in their care and these were deemed not suitable, so I get the feeling they do think these things through carefully.

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