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Advice on worming/fleas

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cazinge Wed 31-Jul-13 11:19:30

lonecat I am going to use Milbemax for my dog's worming from now on - is it always monthly?

I don't want to use a flea/tick collar because my ex-rescue has had skin issues previously so what flea spot-on do you recommend? I have been using frontline is that compatible with milbemax?

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 25-Jul-13 22:19:36

It is a prescription only drug yes there is currently an offer that vets can run by 8 treatments get 4 free to give you the whole year online pharmacies can not offer this so it maybe cheaper from the vet.

ihatethecold Thu 25-Jul-13 21:59:37

Do I have to ask my vet to get me a prescription for milbevax?

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 25-Jul-13 21:38:16

Once they are 6 months old it is the same schedule as adult dogs.

ihatethecold Thu 25-Jul-13 21:37:16

What do you advise for a 6 month old puppy.

Which brands etc

I have only given my pup drontal for puppies and advocate sporadically.

lilac26 Tue 23-Jul-13 23:05:23

Thank you again, Lonecat. That is great news for me, about the new licence and lungworm (I assume that is the new part). First reason it is good is that I can discontinue the Advocate spot on when it runs out, and secondly it means she was covered all along so I can stop worrying about whether she might have picked up lungworm before I started using Advocate.

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Tue 23-Jul-13 10:56:13

Thanks everyone - will give that go smile

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 23-Jul-13 09:04:52

Yes milbemax is a monthly tablet.

Floralnomad Mon 22-Jul-13 23:09:26

I assume that's a monthly tablet ,if so I think I'd swap to that as I'm not a lover of advocate .

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 22-Jul-13 23:06:51

Floral well done I have taught you well.
Though as of last month there is a new gold standard due to new licence. You can now also do Seresto ( ticks and fleas) collar all year and monthly milbemax (roundworm, tapeworm and lungworm).
Both options give excellent cover.

Floralnomad Mon 22-Jul-13 20:08:26

Gold standard
Seresto collar April to November
Advocate once every 4 weeks
Tapeworm treatment once every 6 months
The above is advice from lonecat who is one of the vets who comes on here ,she posted it a couple of weeks ago on a thread but I can't link !

toboldlygo Mon 22-Jul-13 18:09:31

Advocate or Stronghold for fleas and worms, up to every month if necessary, and Milbemax every six months for tape.

Owllady Mon 22-Jul-13 17:26:26

most people I know, including myself give advocate and drontal plus. Advocate from the vet and I get drontal plus off the internet as it's cheaper

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 17:13:50

Hi All,

Relatively new to puppy ownership and the world of fleas/worming stuff appears to be a minefield. Our vet was absolutely useless when we asked them. The breeder has been using Advocate which the vet said was good but we've read up and realised it doesn't cover tapeworm so we'd need something else to deal with that. I'm reluctant to keep shoving loads of medicines into/onto him so are there any 'one hit' solutions or good combinations that others use?

He's a mini dachsie, so will only be about 4kg when fully grown, in case that's relevant!

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