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Help me choose a name please!

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SallyBear Sun 21-Jul-13 09:13:27

We are going tomorrow to the breeder to choose our puppy. We are happy with either a boy or a girl. They are field trained yellow/red Labradors. But DH and I are stuck for names.

Toby or Barnaby/Barney for a boy

Daisy or Ruby for a girl

But I'm still not sure. So suggestions please, I like people names as opposed to dog names and I like them to end in an "ee" sound.

Thank you!!

sweetkitty Tue 23-Jul-13 21:15:07

I'm so jealous ill have to wait until the middle of September for my bundle of puppyness.

MERLYPUSS Tue 23-Jul-13 21:13:06

DT2 wanted to call my sister's lab God. If it was a bitch I wanted Doris. It remains Desmond.

moosemama Tue 23-Jul-13 16:17:02

Crate and toys have arrived.

I now have two children sitting inside the crate trying to figure out how the locks work, while the third child sniggers hysterically. hmm grin

Quite impressed with it for the money. It's nice and sturdy and has two doors, both with two locks.

sweetkitty Mon 22-Jul-13 23:03:02

Sallybear - I was thinking of you today grin you got a boy aww how did you all chose the same one? Am liking Toby too.

We have great names for a boy but none for a girl so far DH likes Bones (as in McCoy Star Trek confused) great for a boy not a girl
Or Nala from the Lion King since she will be an African Lion Hound grin

moosemama Mon 22-Jul-13 22:56:54

Now why didn't I think of making a paper template. blush I have just had to scrub the pencil marks off the tiles - doh! grin

SallyBear Mon 22-Jul-13 22:07:34

Good idea!!!

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 21:49:52

Congratulations - exciting news! A few more weeks of quiet smile I wish I could tell Otto that it's all OK but he's so nervous of EVERYTHING at the moment...

I also did the same with the crate - put an A2 sheet of paper on the kitchen floor and made DH walk around it!

moosemama Mon 22-Jul-13 19:35:31

Lastnight, that's where I bought my crate from, same type as well. It's reassuring to know they're ok. I drew the size out on my kitchen floor tiles before I ordered it. Dh just came home, looked at how much space it's going to take up and nearly fainted! grin

I was surprised at the everyone has to go and collect thing as well. Apparently, it's because the pups are in foster so far away that it's the only opportunity they have to make sure everyone (including any other family dogs) interacts well with the potential new addition.

To be honest, my dcs are so used to being around dogs, they won't be hyper or ott with him. We've already talked lots about being calm and quiet and not petting him too much, as he'll be overwhelmed enough.

I always feel so bad for them when you take them away from their family. It's awful not being able to explain that it's ok and you will take care of them etc. sad I'm hoping he and Lurcherboy will hit it off, so he can get plenty of canine cuddles to ease the transition.

Good news is, I have had some emails and phone calls this afternoon, the outcome of which being, that we should be picking him up the second week in August! grin

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 17:08:59

Sally - we got our crate from It's just one to use around the house and treat as his 'bedroom' but it's been perfect for our needs and was the cheapest at the time.

moosemama I'm intrigued that they suggest everyone goes, you'd have thought they'd want it to be as calm as possible? We had a really lucky journey back (2.5hrs in this heat) as he criedwailed for about ten minutes and then went to sleep. Didn't even stop as he was so zonked out that we just kept on going!

moosemama Mon 22-Jul-13 14:40:14

Yay! Congratulations Sally! smile

I have just bought a crate this afternoon, along with some totally unnecessary toys. blush Have had to go for the cheapest I could find, what with a holiday and cost of adoption all in one month, but think we might upgrade when he grows anyway.

Decided to go up a size from Lurcherboy's crate, as despite saying we would go for someone smaller and whippety this time, having just seen some photos of him that were taken yesterday, I fear we may be in for a bit of a shock! shock

We still don't know if we'll get him, but figured we'd need all the stuff anyway, as whatever happens we will be getting a rescue pup in the next few weeks.

I'm scratching my head about the journey home from picking him up. They insist the whole family and any resident dogs go along, we can't stuff him straight into the boot with Lurcherboy, poor thing would wonder what had hit him (probably applicable to both pup and Lurcherboy). Back seat is occupied by 3 dcs, so that leaves him sitting on my knee, which is far from ideal. Think we might have to put one of the dses in the front, so I can sit in the back with him. Need to buy extra large puppy pads, as it's a four hour drive, so we'll need to stop a couple of times for him. (Although he'll probably just go all over me anyway. grin)

SallyBear Mon 22-Jul-13 14:16:51

We will be collecting him in a month. We have a holiday and surgery looming so I wanted all that out of the way first.

I'm now going to be getting a crate and a playpen, puppy piddle pads, collar and lead, ID disk, toys and loads of other stuff I can't think of. I will now be using the imminent arrival as a way of binning half the toys we have as they're "dangerous".....!

topbannana Mon 22-Jul-13 13:43:32

Congrats crown
I liked Toby as well but our LL is called Toby, may have been unfortunate grin

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 13:19:47

Woohoo! Congratulations and love the name. How long do you have to wait to bring him home?

SallyBear Mon 22-Jul-13 12:58:53

Birth of the royal birth?! Royal baby! Tsk tsk!

SallyBear Mon 22-Jul-13 12:58:15

It's a boy!!!! No, not birth of the royal birth, but we've chosen a boy. He's a biscuity colour Labrador and the kids have decided on Toby. All very happy. grin

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 12:49:18

Thanks guys...he's very cute when he's not biting my knees because he wants to play! Any news from SallyBear?

LadyTurmoil Mon 22-Jul-13 12:42:47

lastnight Otto is soooo sweeet, great name too smile

moosemama Mon 22-Jul-13 10:18:32

Now I love Stanley - one of my all time favourite ever dogs was called Stanley - although mostly Stan, for short.

lastnight Otto is absolutely gorgeous!

Love 'Otto von Bibark', it reminds me of 'Schnitzel von Crumb' from the Hairy Maclairy books. grin

<<Hangs around thread drumming fingers whilst waiting to hear which pup Sally chose.>>

topbannana Mon 22-Jul-13 09:40:11

Hmmm te LandSharks name does not feature in the list of 1100 names- not sure what that says about it really hmm

Anyway, to business:
Woody (DH vetoed this one for the LandShark)
Ned (another veto <sigh>)


I will return with more later when you know what you are having. In the meantime I shall eagerly await news of the royal baby and your not quite so royal baby grin

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 08:55:03

He's a dachshund...we decided he needed a German name! Husband is a history teacher so the boys at school have given him a 'formal' name of 'Otto von Bisbark'. <sigh>

Here's our little nutter...

Good luck this morning!

SallyBear Mon 22-Jul-13 07:48:48

Otto is a great name. Always makes me think of German gundogs!

lastnightiwenttomanderleyagain Mon 22-Jul-13 07:36:09

MILs golden retriever is called Ruby - it's a great name! Apparently she's named after the scullery maid in Upstairs Downstairs, though definitely not as much use around the house!

Our 12 week puppy is Otto so I second that as a name choice, also appears to be reasonably acceptable when shouted at high volume in public places.

What about Murphy?

SallyBear Mon 22-Jul-13 07:17:09

I quite like Stanley, but DH is not so keen. So we are now at;
Toby, Barnaby, Barney
Daisy, Ruby, Lily (orYi-Yi as DS3 says as he's got a bit of lisp)

Off to decide this morning. We are all very excited and I am cursing that you can't just post a picture on a thread with MN without some stupid link! As I would show you all what we have chosen!!!

fanoftheinvisibleman Mon 22-Jul-13 06:39:25

Now I know a pair of borders called Stan and Vinnie and I love those names!

LadyTurmoil Sun 21-Jul-13 23:51:36

Sorry to butt in but I like Vinegar! Vinnie for short smile

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