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I need to rant..........

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mrslaughan Tue 16-Jul-13 20:54:18

I live in a newish community which has a facebook page.

On Sunday I was walking Giant puppy, and from no where a Chihuahua appeared and had a go at my dog. Mine was on lead, it was off lead. Its lips were back backing, snarling, I turned to walk away at it went for my dogs rear end. Young girl appeared, I had to repeatedly ask her to remove her dog as it was acting aggressively towards mine - she did, but was very hesitant about it. My dog to his credit just looked bemused/confused by it all.

Monday someone posts on Facebook they have found it - it is wandering the estate on its own. I post saying I am not happy about this as it was aggressive to my dog.
Well the posts in its defence - well it was fine with mine (you can imagine)....yada yada yada....the jokes really at my expense about the killer Chihuahua.....
FFS is it was my dog or a staffy they would all be crying foul....

Then it turns out, it is an escape artist, always taking itself off for "walks" is not micro chipped, does not have a tag.....

but this is all apparently fine because it is a Chihuahua....well its not bloody fine with me, its irresponsible dog ownership, and I swear if it takes a chunk out of my dog....well not quite sure what I would do...sue?

Anyway - pleased to get that off my chest.

ElleJB Tue 16-Jul-13 21:01:22

Ohh that does my head in - dog owners who do that 'oh, mine's not very good with other dogs' thing, as it's running amok - keep it on a lead then, ffs! I suggest a well-aimed kick next time you see the arsy little thing.

teetering13 Tue 16-Jul-13 21:56:04

Last Chihuahua I saw still had teeth ... as far as I know teeth do damage no matter how cute and small the dog is :/

mrslaughan Tue 16-Jul-13 22:47:42

I know - I just don't get it.
My husband - I think rightly persuaded me to walk away from the discussion....but I am still fuming.

The thing that got me on Sunday is if my dog had retaliated, because he is a giant, I am sure he would have been the one labelled dangerous.

It is not a nice thought, but I met a lady who lives in the estate who has a Shar pei, who is aggressive and she knows it.....he is always kept on lead, if the chihuahua did it to him, we'll he would only get to do it one.

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