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Dogs and Kids are just great

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Booboostoo Thu 11-Jul-13 15:44:16

That is so sweet. Well done to both of them!

topbannana Thu 11-Jul-13 15:01:30

<sniff> I think I have something in my eye.

That is an amazing video. I used to watch a very young boy (about 5) obviously from an agility family, who used to run an admittedly very good dog at competitions. He was so well supported and they both so clearly enjoyed it that I used to get dewy eyed over that too. I just knew that DS would be the same and even knew which breed I would choose as his first dog- tragically he has zero interest in the dogs unless they are in the beating line <sigh>

idirdog Wed 10-Jul-13 20:15:58

An old video but still heartwarming. The bond between this dog and child is great.


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