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My dog was attacked yesterday evening

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mrslaughan Mon 17-Jun-13 16:58:10

you could also try calling your local dog warden.

Woofers Mon 17-Jun-13 11:27:44

You could try letting the police know. They might send a special constable round to give a few gentle words of advice.

I expect the man was just as shocked as you and especially as he was on the floor.

a mussel for his dog sounds like a good solution but he also needs to be able to control his dog on a lead. Being attacked from a dog with a mussel on is just as scary for the victim dog.

Well done your son for being so quick thinking and calm. And if someone has fallen over its best to let them get up when they are ready, and using minimal support from another person. Protects the faller, and the other person from further injury.

Hope your little dog is being spoilt rotten and recovers quickly

MarnieMadden Mon 17-Jun-13 11:00:17

Was out yesterday with our dog (5yo Cavalier KC) and DS who is 13. Just heading home along street and an elderly gent turned corner with his dog, about the size of a border collie, but I think it was a cross. I've seen this man and his dog before a few times only at a distance rather than crossing dogs path previously. Both dogs were on a leader. Anyway, when the dog saw mine he crouched at his owners side so rather than walk on the path past him i took our dog into the road to put some space between them. At this point the dog pounced at mine, his owner was pulled forward, lost his balance and fell to the floor letting go of his dogs lead. The dog got hold of mine and threw him, I'm trying to put myself inbetween this dog and mine so I can pick mine up, but the dog was on mine all the time, my son is trying to get hold of the dog to pull him off, we are both shouting at the man to ask if he is alright. This went on for about a minute until my son was finally able to grab this dogs collar and pull him off and sort of push him down, and i could pick mine up, limping and bleeding from his back end. Man is still sitting on ground. At this point a car pulled up, woman got out obviously she knew this man, took hold of the dog from my son and helped the man up, (if my son had let go of his dog to help him up he would have gone for mine again, and if i had put ours down to help him up the dog could've pulled my son over trying to get to ours again). Woman, man and dog walked off, not once did the man ask if our dog was ok, and I was so shaken I started crying stupidly instead of asking man why his dog wasn't muzzled.
Sorry for the long ramble, I'm still really shaken by it all. If my son hadn't managed to restrain the dog, my dog couldv'e been really badly injured. Luckily he seems ok, just quiet and a bit stiff in his back legs. If I had been on my own, there was no way I could have got the dog off mine, and his owner made no attempt to even call his dog off. His dog could of bit my son when he was trying to get the dog off ours.
Is there anyone I can report this to, just to make sure the dog is muzzled in future so it can't attack other dogs, or the dogs owners if the same thing happens again?

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