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Would I be mad to get a Dalmatian?

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sweetkitty Thu 13-Jun-13 12:30:12

Any Dalmatian owners out there who can advise? We are considering getting a dog, we all love Dalmatians but have done enough research to know they are bonkers as puppies, shed white hair everywhere and need daily long walks.

We have 4 DC aged 8-3, I'm a SAHM and DH runs marathons so can take a dog running with him. We have a large house and enclosed garden.

Other dogs in the running are Hungarian Vizlas and Ridgebacks.

Matian Wed 26-Jun-13 21:22:06

I have a 19 month old Dalmatian boy who is actually very calm, doesn't steal food and only touches his bowl if he has been given permission to do so. He is the most amazing dog we've had and is an absolute joy to have around!

We spent a lot of time training him - classes and at home. he gets 2 walks/runs per day , 5 days a week and goes to daycare the other 2 days - he gets to play with his friends- snd he's shattered by the time he comes home! smile He's also running with his dad 2 days per week and comes with us on our bike rides. ;)
I think you need to be careful with very young kids and puppes, but this goes for any large bread. An active dog can accidentally knock the child over. Also kids need to be thought how to behave around dogs/ mine tollerates everything but not every dog will !
Bite inhibition training is also paramount.

I would't say Dalmatians crazy, they just need more excersise and in my view more mental stimulation than other dogs as they are highly intellegent! They need a firm owner especially when they are young as they like pushing the boundaries...
If you feed them cheap food filled with rubbish, don't give them enough excersise and let them do what they want they will of course act crazy! Just like a child!

When choosing a Dalmatian puppy you also need to make sure that you buy from a reputable breeder... To ensure that the little ones have great temperaments and you won't end up having to rehome it...

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