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Are you a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher owner? Come and have a seat on another new Pointy Hounds cushion!

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TheCunnyFunt Thu 13-Jun-13 10:18:28

Pointy hounds include-
Greyhounds (Grunds)
Whippets (Whippys)
Italian Greyhounds (Iggys)
And any others I have forgotten. If you are a new pointy hound owner, an old and experienced owner or looking into getting one of these fabulous creatures, come and have a seat (that's not taken up with a hound grin).

Share stories, advice and shopping tips!
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Silver Peacock

Come The Day
Come the day I take that final bend,
Can I count on you to be my friend?
To see I’m treated just and fair,
It means so much to know you care.

For, what the future holds in store,
Now that I can race no more,
Should be addressed for every hound,
Who parts the punter from his pound.

Tell them I don’t ask for much,
A kindly word, a gentle touch,
Somewhere warm to lay my head,
A meal each day to keep me fed,
Not just life- but quality,
This is how it ought to be.

Do not see me swept away,
I long to live another day,
With peace of mind, tranquillity,
And those who care surrounding me,
So tell them all- you have that choice,
I beg of you to be my voice.

By Denise Dubarbier.

TheCunnyFunt Sun 08-Sep-13 18:37:49

Just sneaking in to say there's a new cushion!

cinnamongreyhound Sun 08-Sep-13 18:24:58

Oooo oooo oooo.... check out Flo's thread smile

PeanutPatty Sun 08-Sep-13 13:22:31

Who on earth is setting off fireworks and why?

Looking at the forecast and I'm annoyed I didn't take Poochio out this morning. Now its blooming raining. confused

cinnamongreyhound Sun 08-Sep-13 00:02:28

Emotionally exhausted! I get disappointed with each one that doesn't work out sad

Sorry to hear about your fireworks mistlethrush sad

mistlethrush Sat 07-Sep-13 22:57:52

Peanut - we had a dog that could kill a tennis ball in 20 mins. She would then be really careful, and have a squishy tennis ball that she could squeeze every 10 secs or so (and make a squeezed tennis ball letting out air noise) for days, and days, and days - until it finally would succumb and start dropping to bits at which point it was torn up thoroughly. For throwing we had to use the heavy rubber ones. Which she then dropped down the boiler air intake pipe (several) or rabbit holes (also several) when she peered down....

We had another volley of fireworks this evening. Mistlehound was not impressed.

PeanutPatty Sat 07-Sep-13 21:34:22

I'm hoping Pippy is THE one for you. Are you exhausted from dog searching/researching/registering? I'm shattered from window shopping for one.

Think my dog may have finally got the hang of actually bringing the ball back to me once I've thrown it. She usually runs off and strips the coating off and then squashes it tio it bursts. Ver ver irritating. And costly.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 07-Sep-13 18:52:59

Dh likes Pippy because she reminds him of Nelly. They are both beautiful and very delicate. Also they've obviously had a very happy home.

mistlethrush Sat 07-Sep-13 15:59:24

Pippy looks lovely too. BOth those two dogs look lovely in fact.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 07-Sep-13 15:52:30

Saw a horrible dog attack this morning while out with peanut and taffy sad. The woman was stupid but felt for her as she fell over and was accidentally hit in the face by other dogs lead and was really shaken. The attackee just left her so I went to check on her.

Pippys foster mum sent me a pm today and thinks Pippy sounds perfect for us. She going to take her to a friend with cats to test her next week and let me know.

Bit worried about the walkers creek rescue as we can't actually find where they are and their site has no address. They don't post any pictures on the site either. Haven't spoken to dh about going without him yet!

PeanutPatty Fri 06-Sep-13 21:30:50

Shhhhhhh don't blow my cover! wink

moosemama Fri 06-Sep-13 20:49:25

I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end, when we have a well behaved, delightful companion and best friend for Lurcherboy.

We were just saying last night, Pip is already the best trained dog we've ever had at such a young age. Even my Wheaten girl wasn't this well trained this young and she had past her Gold Good Citizen Award at just under a year old. Pip now knows, come, close, sit, down, leave, quiet, off, recalls like a little bullet to the whistle and responds to a positive interrupter. He's such a bright little imp - but of course there are both up and downsides to that. hmm grin

mistlethrush Fri 06-Sep-13 20:38:04

Moose, we felt that with mistlehound as she had to be watched like a hawk in terms of her housetraining (given her background and lack of it) so everytime she got up, one of us had to, very quickly.... But it was fireworks season so very difficult to spend anytime in the garden...

moosemama Fri 06-Sep-13 20:31:57

I spotted cinnamon straight away - she's very easy to find on there.

Pip is being a complete nightmare this evening after refusing to spend much time in the garden today due to heavy rain and choosing to snooze away a fair amount of the afternoon.

He really needs to be getting out for walks, but we have another three and a half weeks yet until he's allowed down outside the house and garden. I think I might lose the plot by then if the weather doesn't pick up. It's not so bad when he can charge around the garden with Lurcherboy, but on days like today he is just so full of excess energy that he's constantly up to no good. I'm exhausted just watching him, let alone following him around trying to distract him onto more appropriate activities.

mistlethrush Fri 06-Sep-13 20:31:39

It depends what DH says. DS will, I'm sure, love whatever other dog you get. My DS would!.

Mistlehound is lined out against me, dreaming very happily.

I've worked out Peanut. Moose has worked out me and vice versa.. although I try to keep the two forums nice and separate!

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Sep-13 20:25:42

I'm very easy to work out smile

Darwin isn't available to view until weds and rehome from 14th. Next Friday is ds2's birthday and then I'm marshalling in the Round Norfolk Relay 1-4am sat night/sun morning then got all the family round for ds2's celebrations so its good that we could leave it until the weekend after if peanut does get on with him and they're ok. Tempted to go Thursday with peanut and ds2 while dh at work but a bit mean for him and ds1 at school!

mistlethrush Fri 06-Sep-13 20:03:09

There's a big Askern thing next weekend - people are wanting to come from the north west to go to the next one - its a special '10 years of LL' event with a dog show as well as competitive racing (unlike the normal 'fun' racing). Mistlehound won't know the difference, and won't win - but she'll still enjoy taking part and that's fine by me. Similarly, that's all we've entered the simulated coursing at Peterborough - she has absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near the top, and I expect her to lose in the first round - but she'll enjoy herself! grin

DH's just don't understand the importance of these things, do they Cinnamon.

I've still not worked out Cinnamon let alone Peanut (but I've been avoiding 'other homeless hounds, so perhaps that's the reason?)

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Sep-13 16:57:43

Dh is being very annoying and won't go and see the local whippet x girl tonight sad the lady can only do this evening or tomorrow am and I can't tomorrow am so that means next weekend and she said she may be at a show then.

moosemama Fri 06-Sep-13 16:28:12

Me too! wink

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Sep-13 15:56:00

Now I know who you are on LL smile

PeanutPatty Fri 06-Sep-13 15:32:25

I struck it lucky and managed to walk the mutt at lunchtime on my own so didn't have to drag the children out in the rain. She's now snoozing it off!

Fingers xd for Darwin!

I posted on LL to see if Wizzy would make a good running partner and they think its not for her.

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Sep-13 14:29:40

Hope school run goes well moosemama, sounds promising smile

mistlethrush Fri 06-Sep-13 12:53:59

Fingers and toes crossed Moose!

Mistlehound managed to get out before the rain proper started this morning. She did scamper in pretty quickly though.

moosemama Fri 06-Sep-13 12:41:34

Definitely ask cinnamon, as it says he's already living with young children and no fewer than 5 cats! shock

Pip is wholeheartedly unimpressed with the weather today. He put his head outside, felt the rain, ran back in and wee'd on the living room carpet. First accident in weeks now. hmm

He's also really bored without the dcs at home.

I'm leaving him on his own for the first time when I do the school run this afternoon. <<wibble>> He's been ok every school run this week, with a couple of well stuffed kongs and a treat dispensing toy, but Mum has been here. This morning, bless her, she waited for five minutes after I went out then went and sat on the stairs to see if either of them cried. Apparently Pip was so busy scoffing he didn't even notice she'd gone and Lurcherboy finished his treat toy, then went to bed. smile I reckon Lurcherboy probably sussed she hadn't left the house, but Pip is oblivious to me leaving and still the same when I get back, as he's so focussed on the food, so it's looking hopeful.

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Sep-13 12:28:36

The rescue is in Cambridge so not too far, it says that only in exceptional circumstances will they home to families with children under 5 sad
I'll email them and see what they say. Lurcher SOS were happy with my children as they'd grown up with a sighthound but when I told her I was a childminder she said no way so we'll see.
Still nothing from SLR or Scruples on my applications.

I think Wizzy lives with ferrets though Peanutpatty and the lady does cat test as she said she'd cat test the one we are going to see.

moosemama Fri 06-Sep-13 10:58:02

Oo Cinammon, you have to find a way to check out Darwin, he's perfect for you. grin

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