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Are you a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher owner? Come and have a seat on another new Pointy Hounds cushion!

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TheCunnyFunt Thu 13-Jun-13 10:18:28

Pointy hounds include-
Greyhounds (Grunds)
Whippets (Whippys)
Italian Greyhounds (Iggys)
And any others I have forgotten. If you are a new pointy hound owner, an old and experienced owner or looking into getting one of these fabulous creatures, come and have a seat (that's not taken up with a hound grin).

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Come The Day
Come the day I take that final bend,
Can I count on you to be my friend?
To see I’m treated just and fair,
It means so much to know you care.

For, what the future holds in store,
Now that I can race no more,
Should be addressed for every hound,
Who parts the punter from his pound.

Tell them I don’t ask for much,
A kindly word, a gentle touch,
Somewhere warm to lay my head,
A meal each day to keep me fed,
Not just life- but quality,
This is how it ought to be.

Do not see me swept away,
I long to live another day,
With peace of mind, tranquillity,
And those who care surrounding me,
So tell them all- you have that choice,
I beg of you to be my voice.

By Denise Dubarbier.

Scuttlebutter Thu 20-Jun-13 23:31:32

Good news Moose!

We're also going to the Great British Greyhound Walk on Sunday - really looking forward to it. Been wearing my wristband proudly for about three weeks now. grin

mistlethrush Fri 21-Jun-13 10:14:28

We might make one of the walks on Sunday - this weekend is going to be chaotic though, with lots of rehearsals, concerts and two parties to get DS to in the middle of it all.

Moose - that sounds fantastic - he's really done well, I'm sure you're so relieved!

Cinnamon - Lurcher Link also have some people on that have a lot of experience getting dogs to accept cats in the house - I think that Moose has got some good advice there, and just because he's a greyhound, doesn't mean that they won't be happy to give advice there. There's a section on the forum called 'advice needed' which would be the best option.

moosemama Fri 21-Jun-13 10:17:10

... aaand back down again. He started yelling about 4 minutes after I went out this morning and kept it up for the whole school run. hmm

Always Fridays and always first thing - just to really p the neighbours off. Can't identify a trigger though - despite it always being the same day.

I had a feeling he was going to do it, because he kept following me around and going to where we keep his harness and walk stuff with a hopeful look on his face.

To be honest, he's been sounding more indignant at being left than upset and no sign of any drool or anxiety, so I think he was just annoyed that I didn't take him out with me. hmm

He went straight to his lead again when I got home, so I've made him wait and am going to walk him very last thing before nursery drop off, so he's exhausted again - like he was yesterday afternoon.

Honestly - dogs, who'd have 'em!

mistlethrush Fri 21-Jun-13 10:35:35

Moose - what is your morning schedule like? At one stage one of us would sort DS and the other would take the dog out for a quick whizz around the field for 20 mins or so...

cinnamongreyhound Fri 21-Jun-13 10:55:54

I have looked there too thanks mistlethrush, all advice is quite similar and really will rely on a lot more exposure to the cats. I had a long email from the chairman of the rescue centre last night (as I'm having a telephone nightmare and I couldn't stay connected on the phone for more than a minute!)

moosemama Fri 21-Jun-13 11:51:11

Morning schedule is quite set unfortunately, due to eldest ds having ASD and needing a set routine. The only option to walk the dog before the school run, would be to get up before everyone else and go then, so probably 5.30 - 6.00, as ds1 is an early riser. Problem with that is, that any noise at all in the house wakes ds1, so if I get up at 5.30 - so will he. <<sigh>>

It's a two man job getting the dcs to school, particularly ds1, as even though he's 11 he has to be prompted, reminded and hauled through every step. Dh does the breakfasts, while I organise everything else. We already do packed lunches the night before, so can't cut any time there.

Now I think about it, this morning there was a bit of tension in the air, as it's non-school uniform day and the dcs all have to take in donations for summer fair prizes. Ds1 coped ok, because he has done this routine for 8 years in his primary school now, but it's only once a year and it always unsettles him when anything different happens, so he was manic, zipping around all over the place winding everyone up.

From September things will be changing anyway, as ds is going on school transport to a secondary school an hour's drive away, so not only will he have to get used to a new routine, he will be out of the house much earlier meaning things will be calmer in general.

We live across the road from the primary school, so never have to leave home before 8.45 for the bell to go at 8.55 at the moment and I have been leaving it really late while I've been trying to be gone for the shortest time possible for lurcherboy.

Actually, while I was typing this I just had a thought. It's not the walk really, so much as making sure lurcherboy is worn out. So if I could chuck his ball for him in the garden for 10 minutes or so, that might just be enough. Might give that a try over the weekend and see if it works.

mistlethrush Fri 21-Jun-13 11:58:17

Sounds a plan - it might just take the edge of sufficiently to mean that he's less aware of being left. I suppose the benefit is that, at least he's only a lurcher - we had a collie cross who started out as an only - we would take her into the (very large) garden for ball throwing sessions - two hard rubber balls, one thrown, and the next one collected so that it could be thrown as she was on her way back and dropped the one in her mouth to go for the other one - repeat. We would stop this when we were (physically) tired of throwing the ball even though you rarely had to go more than a couple of steps to pick the ball up and be ready to throw it - and she would have two or three sessions of that plus at least two long walks.... It was much easier when we got the second (that turned out to be a collie / terrier cross, although as a puppy she didn't look like that at all) as the two would play for hours in the garden if it was fine - and would corner around the edge of the lawn path around the fruitcage so tightly and fast that my father had to relay a section of the lawn every spring as there was a deep rut...

moosemama Fri 21-Jun-13 13:32:24

I hope so, but he already gets at least two hours of exercise a day, much of that is free-running and ball chasing as well. He has collie in his mix mum was deerhound/saluki, dad greyhound/border collie according to the people that had them, although there was some debate at LL about there possibly being some terrier in there as well so - who knows for certain.

You can't really see any collie in him, but he is a keen retriever of tennis balls and frisbees, so I guess that's where it could have come from and his has quite a wide skull compared to many/most lurchers as well, so that might also relate back to the collie heritage.

Dh has just called and says he will start taking him to the local park for just 20 minutes when he first gets up. I think it would be good for both of them actually, as dh doesn't do enough exercise or get much time 1:1 with lurcherboy. We will just have to hope ds1 doesn't find it too disruptive. It's strange, because we can change some things that we would expect him not to cope with and he doesn't bat an eyelid - then when we change something that has very little impact on him he can't handle it. It's just a case of trying it and seeing what happens I suppose.

I don't think I will every manage to understand kids and dogs! grin

cinnamongreyhound Sat 22-Jun-13 17:58:41

I am dogless again sad

Billy took one of my minded children's toys and I tried to take it off him. He wouldn't let go so I left him when I went back to try to take it again he bit me twice. Both are very sore, bruised and swollen. Her grandad arrived a whole afterwards and said 'you'll have to get rid of him then'. I'm sure it was my fault for the way I went about removing the toy but I can't take the risk that he would do it to a child or that my customers would leave because of it.

We'd had such a lovely day, he'd been so lovely and it wasn't a stressful period of time or anything so I was totally shocked by it. We have been so sad taking him back, feel I've let him down. We went for a long walk this morning, he had his breakfast and we took him. We all said goodbye and put him in his kennel, left his toys with him but I can still see his face looking at me and hear him crying as we got in the car. The saddest thing is that after I went back into the living room after he bit me he was wagging his tail wanting a fuss like nothing had happened.

I'm not sure what I would have done if it had just been us but all parents of children I had expressed that we should not keep him and I can't afford to lose the business. I would feel terrible if he hurt any of the children and we can't be sure it was a one off.

We spoke to them about another dog and after a talk about how settling in is always difficult and us expressing that we were aware of that and we had been working through difficulties with billy and had no intention of giving him up until the bite he agreed that we could take another dog. He's suggested going to a local trainer who has 5 dogs who haven't raced as they may be less likely to chase the cats. They are on the waiting list but he has no idea how long it would take to get them into kennels. This way we can see them and still adopt through the home finders but they wouldn't actually have to go into their kennels.

What an emotional month it has been!!!!

TheCunnyFunt Sat 22-Jun-13 18:22:33

Oh Cinnamon I am sorry, I can't imagine how you must all be feeling right now. I hope the bites heal soon.

Did you try to swap the toy with him or did you just try to take it? If you tried to take it away without trying to swap it for a tasty treat or something, then that's probably why he bit you. I know it's not helpful now but it could be for future reference. Good luck finding another one x

cinnamongreyhound Sat 22-Jun-13 18:38:33

I tried to swap it, I tried telling him to leave and no. I didn't want to pull on it because it want mine and didn't want to damage the toy. I left him to hopefully lose interest and went back to him and that's when he bit me. He taken the kids tests before and a firm no or leave has got him to let me take it so don't know what happened. The guy at the rehoming place said I should have put his lead on and put him in the garden and shut the door and being left on his own would have made him drop it.

We had grown to love him in the three weeks he was here, dh and I have been in tears all day. Feel like I'm grieving for two dogs now sad

moosemama Sat 22-Jun-13 19:13:08

sad cinnamon, I'm so sorry.

It must have been such a hard decision for you, but I totally understand why you had to give him up, given the nature of your work and not being able to risk either losing business or him harming a child. sad

moosemama Sat 22-Jun-13 19:25:30

Lurcherboy has been a complete arse today. hmm

Having always had an excellent recall and recently learned to respond to a whistle really well - he has suddenly taken to doing an 'almost-recall' when we are out. hmm

Just to clarify, I have never grabbed his collar when he's been recalled. I always recall him and release him to play again or recall him and get him into a sit or down if I need him under control - but he's decided his new game is to look like he's doing a belting recall that is likely to end up with me flat on my back on the floor, then get to arms length and swerve away, before running around me in a circle. hmm angry

Dh couldn't believe it when we took him out today - he's never seen him behave like that before.

He first did it on Friday before last, when I put his general arsey-ness down to the thunderstorm and him just being generally 'off'. He's been ok all week, then, after his howling in the morning yesterday, he did 'the swerve' in the park again, as well as pointedly sniffing the ground and coming in his own time, iykwim.

Today he was an arse from the moment we got into the field. The only time he responded to a recall was when I had his blooming ball. Good job we were in a secure area. hmm

Dh and I tried doing the recall game, as it's always been a great way of teaching and reinforcing recall in the past (where you stand a distance apart and call from one to the other with lots of treats and fuss). Lurcherboy decided he would come to me because I had the fling'n'fetch but dh could forget it. hmm

So we put the fling'n'fetch on the floor a few feet away and stood apart from each other so that we made a sort of triangle shape with it. Then we called him to and from each on of us in turn and the little sod ran to his toy instead whenever he was called - BUT - after three goes, his little light bulb switched on and as he ran towards the toy he finally made a good choice and swerved and came to me instead. So, he got a treat, huge fuss and we ran to the toy together and had a game - then repeated it with dh and I in turn a few times, rewarding him with a game each time he recalled nicely.

Not sure what's brought on this teenager-esque attitude, but I'm damn sure I'm not going to give him an inch. It's back to the puppy kindergarten for him until he starts behaving himself. hmm

JazzTheDog Sun 23-Jun-13 08:42:24

Hi everyone,

I can't keep up with this thread at all! We're heading out to GBGW in a few moments. I spent 2 hours yesterday making medals for the participants!

mistlethrush Sun 23-Jun-13 09:11:05

Cinnamon, I am so sorry - but I agree, with children, and children's friends potentially around, you can't chance what you might if your situation had been different....

Moose - sounds as though he's getting used to things as they are now and is flexing his muscles...

MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 10:33:32

Sorry to hear about Billy, cinnamon.

I can understand parent's concerns though and especially in the current climate you can't afford for customers to leave. Word of mouth could be very damaging too.


MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 10:36:43

On a more positive note, we are off to "Dogs Unleashed" show in Bakewell this afternoon.

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 10:47:09

Yep, mistle, that's what I thought too. Little so and so - from anxious, worried and a big wuss - to cocky little so and so in under 3 weeks. hmm

We've gone back to basics and started re-clicker training all his cues to remind him what we expect of him. Am also reading the book 'total recall' to try and work out if I've done something wrong with his recall training somewhere along the line and where/how to put it right.

Dh and I had a long talk about getting another dog/pup last night. We are both so worried about it, not only the 'what if it doesn't help' thing, but also generally, the whole new dog/pup thing and how much work is involved. Decided its not going to put us off but <<wibble>> blush

Came about because I fell in love with a saluki cross pup online. I have been finding myself looking at and loving lots of black and tan dogs/pups and as you know, I also really like the name Seren for a bitch. I was looking at a rescue forum yesterday and happened across a 16 week old black and tan saluki cross pup called Seren! shock At first I thought she'd been homed, as there were lots of 'so happy' comments on her thread, but it turned out she'd been really poorly and an inpatient at the vets and it was touch and go for a while. sad

Thing is, she's in north west Ireland and while they do work with some British rescues and home to the UK, with everything she's been through, I'm not sure it would be fair on her or whether they would do it.

We are due to be in Ireland the last week in July, so in theory could save them the trouble of getting her to the UK - but she will be 6 months old by then - so more legs and less cuteness. grin I feel really unsettled about it - but she really grabbed by heart. confused Decided to sleep on it before emailing them, but am no clearer this morning.

She's nothing like what we were looking for - all legs and saluki beauty, compared to a scruffy little whirrier - but there's something about her. confused

Here she is and her facebook page.

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 10:47:53

Have fun everyone who's off on Greyhound walks and to shows. grin envy

Scuttlebutter Sun 23-Jun-13 17:53:05

We've had a lovely and busy day. The rain held off for most of it too. Went to the Cardiff GBGW this morning, there were about 25 hounds there which was brilliant. Came home and had a quick bite to eat and then out to a a fun show this afternoon. Norty Minx came 2nd in Best Veteran, and the two girls came 3rd and 4th in Dog Judge would most like to take home. Judge praised her condition which was nice. Got bitterly cold though - standing on a Neath hillside being whipped by a gale did not feel like midsummer! Now home and the girls are relaxing on the sofa, and admiring their new rosettes. What was also nice was we bumped into a friend who is judging at a show I am organising next month, who was there with his 16 year old adorable terrierist. It was lovely to see him, and we had a really good natter and catch up. So a good day all round. smile Time for a large gin soon, I suspect. grin

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 18:28:27

Yay! Congratulations on your crew's successes.

Dh was just saying the same the same about the weather an hour ago when we were standing in the middle of a rainstorm in the grounds of Coombe Abbey. More like October than June. hmm

Lurcherboy had a blast as it was bunnies a-go-go in the fields around the house. First thing that happened as we entered the off lead area was a squirrel shot across in front of us and then did that stop start run thing all the way across the open space, before perching on a log taunting him. Good job he was on the lead.

Walked a bit further up and there was a baby bunny just sitting looking at us from the edge of the path. Lurcherboy didn't see it before it ducked under the hedge, but he went bonkers when he caught it's scent and was beside himself with joy at all the scent in the meadow field. Suffice to say we didn't let him off. grin

Funnily enough though, he didn't bat an eyelid at the gaggle of ducks that took off (both flying and fast waddling) when some people let their kids run through them just ahead of us - apparently ducks are old news and nowhere near as much fun as bunnies. grin

Would have been a lovely walk if ds1 wasn't so full on due to y6 transitional fear/stress. Blimey that boy can talk. hmm

MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 19:16:30

Back from the dog show. Not a very good one - expensive entrance fee and not much going on. Most traders started packing up 1.5 hours before the end (annoying when a £15 entrance fee was charged for families). Both had a go on the lurcher coursing set-up though. Jessie just stood and watched the 'lure' with the expression of, 'I'm not chasing that, it's plastic not a bunny', before trotting off to have a wee in the middle of the course and sniff at an interesting JRT.

Woody ran though and was quite proud of himself - tail-a-wagging as he went. We saw lots of other whippys, lurchers a gaggle of Italian greyhounds, a few grunds and a couple of Irish Wolfhounds. I note though that our whippy could need a little bit of a diet in comparison with some there....

cinnamongreyhound Sun 23-Jun-13 21:47:18

Nice to hear about your successful and not so successful days!

Billy has been rehomed! They had an open day and he's gone with another greyhound who was rehomed from there a while ago smile

We went to see a trainer today with several 2 year old dogs that have never raced. They are on the waiting list but not expected to get into the kennels until August. As he's close to us and they thought a dog who'd never raced may be better with the cats we've gone to see him direct and homefinders will still do the rehoming.

Problem is dh and I can't agree!! He let us meet 6 dogs, 4 from one litter and two others. I fell in love with Barry- a slightly scatty smaller brindle boy. He's got quite a long coat and he licked my whole face but calmed down the second I started stroking him, wouldn't run more than 200m and was hand reared by the trainer as his mother had problems with her milk, 2 in August. Dh wants peanut- the most gorgeous blue brindle, 32kg so quite big, very chilled out but was quite a keen racer just ran wide at corners, was 2 in April. Dh loves the way he looks but thinks because he's calmer will be better with the kids. He is stunning but I just didn't get the same feeling I did with Barry (poor dog, sorry to anyone who has named a dog Barry!).

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 21:56:07

Hi Cinnamon, so pleased to hear Billy has been rehomed so quickly. It must be bitter sweet, but a load off your mind at the same time.

I think I would fall for Barry too from your description. As for names, well I think I'd rather stand in the garden/park and shout Barry than Peanut, given how names can sound a bit distorted when shouted, iykwim. wink shock

Also the fact that he wouldn't run sounds a lot more promising for your situation that a dog that would chase the rabbit (is that the right term) but just ran wide on corners.

cinnamongreyhound Sun 23-Jun-13 22:04:39

Ds2 keeps saying 'my peanuts' and giggling while pointing to his willy!!!

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