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Are you a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher owner? Come and have a seat on another new Pointy Hounds cushion!

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TheCunnyFunt Thu 13-Jun-13 10:18:28

Pointy hounds include-
Greyhounds (Grunds)
Whippets (Whippys)
Italian Greyhounds (Iggys)
And any others I have forgotten. If you are a new pointy hound owner, an old and experienced owner or looking into getting one of these fabulous creatures, come and have a seat (that's not taken up with a hound grin).

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Come The Day
Come the day I take that final bend,
Can I count on you to be my friend?
To see I’m treated just and fair,
It means so much to know you care.

For, what the future holds in store,
Now that I can race no more,
Should be addressed for every hound,
Who parts the punter from his pound.

Tell them I don’t ask for much,
A kindly word, a gentle touch,
Somewhere warm to lay my head,
A meal each day to keep me fed,
Not just life- but quality,
This is how it ought to be.

Do not see me swept away,
I long to live another day,
With peace of mind, tranquillity,
And those who care surrounding me,
So tell them all- you have that choice,
I beg of you to be my voice.

By Denise Dubarbier.

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 18:10:05

And I've tried to break a car window before and it was impossible! Stupid films making you think it's a doddle.

I'm off now for real.

Onetwo34 Wed 19-Jun-13 18:11:22

What an awful harrowing thing to witness.
I found a drowned dog last year and the park rangers from the council who I rang went straight out and kept calling me at every stage, when they found the body, what they they did to trace him, then what happened to the body. They were really great, I am sorry to hear your experience was so different. sad

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 18:29:22

I know it's really hard to break a car window. Dh had to help someone smash their window when they locked their keys in the car at hospital visiting when he was visiting MIL last week. The police gave them a hammer and they still couldn't smash it.

Thank you Onetwo34. That must have been so distressing. sad Glad to hear there are some people out there who are willing to help and care enough to keep you updated though.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 18:30:40

I've just emailed the local police team to see if they are willing (or able) to update me on what happened.

It says most emails will get a response within 24 hours.

TheCunnyFunt Wed 19-Jun-13 19:55:57

Bloody hell I've missed out on a lot blush had a very busy week though to be fair.

Moose I saw your thread, how heartbreaking sad but you did your best, and that was the best you could've done. I just hope the poor thing was rescued!

1234 he sounds beauuuuutifuuuul! I'd love a Whippet envy you do realise pics are mandatory? wink grin

Another puppy Lost? Really? You must be mad! grin keep us updated though, and of course, the one rule of the cushion, pics are mandatory grin
How is your BIL?

I was so cross on Saturday, DP was all set to take me and Sprocket to the local show that I'd been waiting for for a YEAR! And the day before the show we discovered that DDs birthday present was going to be delivered on the day of the show so DP couldn't take us afterall sad I managed to get a lift off a friend though. I entered Sprocket in 5 classes and he didn't win a thing angrysad I was gutted! He even had a bath especially for the show grin

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 20:08:35

Thanks Cunny.

Glad you got to go to the show - just tell Sprocket to remember it's the taking part - not the winning - that's important. grin

I have to say, I was very taken with the little whippet girl we met today - actually so was lurcherboy. If I didn't know better I would swear he was batting his eyelashes at her. grin He seems to be attracting the ladies (dog wise) everywhere we go at the moment - shameless flirt that he is. grin

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 20:31:36

Cunny he was robbed. The judges obviously didn't know quality when it was staring them in the face. Well done for going though, the one and only show we went too I was nervous and bribed DS2 £10 to go in the ring for me blush. Bil is weeell, not dead so that is awesome and also better than the Dr's said but tbh being alive basically covers that eventuality wink. It's really hard to describe, he is conscious in his own special way but the only things he can do so far are open his eyes and do a kind of 'thumbs up' gesture. Anyway, he is in a rehab facility so the only way is up, hopefully he will eventually be well enough to leave hospital but it's all so up in the air, no one can say. How is your brother? Has he started eating anything yet?And yes, to a new puppy, I can't put the children through the apparently impossible task of rescuing a whippet and DH is adamant we won't have any other breed, so puppy it is! Something to look forward to and there hasn't been much of that recently.

1234 how awful for you, did you find out where the dog was from eventually?

MagratGarlik Wed 19-Jun-13 21:14:46

Lost - there is a lovely looking Whippy on DogsBlog in south wales. 18-24 months good with children. Called Blade.....

(Though obviously a puppy would be cute)

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 21:32:47

<goes directly to DogsBlog>

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 21:35:17

Oh Dobbie <melts>

MagratGarlik Wed 19-Jun-13 21:40:09


On another note - cunny, it sounds like the judges didn't know quality when they saw it. Obviously they just wanted to give the inferior dogs a chance.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 22:55:28

Just updated my other thread. Police emailed me back and the dog is ok. grin

Police officer pulled the pop-out window off and sat with the dog for three and half hours until the owner got back - so that's four and a half hours that we know of that the poor dog was locked in that vehicle across the hottest part of the day. angry

He reassured me that they would have broken in and removed the dog had it become stressed or in danger, but instead they ensured it had water and was ok. Apparently the dark tinting of the windows did help deflect some of the heat.

Owner got off with just a stern talking to though, after making up some truly crap excuses. angry

I can sleep tonight now I know the dog is ok though.

cinnamongreyhound Thu 20-Jun-13 00:08:39

Glad the dog is ok and glad they let you know so you didn't have to worry anymore. Seriously though 4 1/2hrs and only a stern talking to! Why do people have animals?!?!?!

I've had a traumatic evening, Billy got one of my cats sad
The littlest one, she's been in loads and we've just kept the stair gate shut with him down and her up. Tonight she dd decided to go out and ran past him. As she got to the top of the fence he managed to grab her in his mouth and pull her down. He yelped assume she bite/scratched him and then I grabbed his collar and he dropped her. She went over the fence and off and hasn't come back sad we've been all over looking and calling but nothing!
The worst part is dh is being so horrible to him! I blame myself really for every reason possible but he's a dog doing what dogs do. You can tell he knows he's in trouble and its really sad.

Just don't know what to do now. I feel we've made a commitment to him but what if we can't train it out of him? It's not fair on my cats that they can't come in our home. I feel so bad for Billy as he's a lovely dog and bad for my cats as their lives have been turned upside down! I didn't want a dog so soon and I wanted to spend time with others but dh insisted Billy was the one and now he won't even talk to him civilly, what do I do? So worried that Wendy is injured and slowly dying and dh is snoring next to me. On the plus side I saw Molly tonight, she wouldn't come to me but at least I know she's ok.

mistlethrush Thu 20-Jun-13 08:29:29

Cinnamon - sorry about Wendy, I hope that you find her and she's fine - lets hope that she managed to get a good swipe in before anything much happened - I really don't know what to suggest as we don't have cats, although mistlehound has learned to not go for the chinchilla who has now been moved back into the sitting room so is very obvious. There was a slight scuffle last week when the chin did something dramatic but I scolded mistlehound and she stopped immediately and has since gone over and managed to stand with her nose very close to the cage watching / sniffing with the chin also close to the front (but still).

Moose - glad you got some good news about the dog - I really can't believe what some people think is appropriate - nor can I believe the response you got from the RPSCA and the police!

Mistlehound was also robbed on Saturday when she didn't get placed in 'best rescue' - neither did the lovely greyhound next to us. Both clearly looked too well and content.

MagratGarlik Thu 20-Jun-13 08:47:36

Oh, cinnamon, you poor thing. It does sound to me that whilst Billy is a lovely dog, but it sounds like he is a lovely dog who should live in a cat-free home. It may be better to admit this now than waiting. The rescue will understand as they couldn't cat test him. It sounds like both he and the cats would be happier if he found a cat-free home though.

There will be another hound out there for you, but it does sound as though he is not it.

moosemama Thu 20-Jun-13 10:28:55

Oh Cinnamon, I'm sorry to hear that. There's a high chance she was just shocked and ran off. The first grab can often look worse than it is. Billy might think twice about doing it again if he did get scratched or bitten, but you're the one who is there with him and I'd say you have to trust your instincts about whether or not he's ever going to be cat safe.

I feel for you, as you are clearly caught in the middle and trying to do right by everyone.

I'm sure, as he's such a lovely dog, Billy will be able to find a nice cat friendly home should you decide you can't keep him and there are loads of cat friendly hounds out there. As Magrat said, the right one will be there for you at the right time.

Mistle, I know, their response was unbelievably slow and unhelpful right up to the point where the police officer - who was clearly a dog lover - actually managed to get there. It's a blooming good job the car had expensive tinted windows or it would probably have had a very different ending.

Just been for a very wet walk with dd and lurcherboy and he managed to slip on wet grass and twist his leg (n/s hind). He was lame for a few minutes, so I brought him straight home, but then seemed ok again. Hard to tell at the moment though, because he's spark out on the kitchen floor tiles - it's deceptively muggy out there, even though it looks like a cool, rainy day. Think I will keep an eye on him today and pop him up to the vets if he's no better by tea-time.

cinnamongreyhound Thu 20-Jun-13 12:42:24

I've been reading quite a bit since I got him and most things have said that the majority of greyhounds can be trained to be cat safe so we've persevered but if he is the small percentage that can't we're just making it all the more painful for everyone.

I am so emotional over it all, still missing Nelly don't want to lose anymore of my animals but I've rescued all but one of my pets and always kept them. He's done so well and I feel so guilty to send him back to a kennel and lose him and then have to go through settling another dog who may also not be able to live with my cats but I can't imagine being without a dog until I don't have cats anymore. Plus it's very confusing and upsetting for my ds's and hard for my minded children if there's a new dog every few weeks. Totally paralysed by indecision and so so sad sad

cinnamongreyhound Thu 20-Jun-13 12:43:55

Hope lurcherboy recovers quickly from his injured leg, Nelly was always such a wussy with any slight injury!

mistlethrush Thu 20-Jun-13 12:49:10

Cinnamon - if you decide that he does need to go back (I hope you can work it out though) can you try to get a dog that is already cat tested? I know that where we got ours they have a fairly good idea - lots in foster homes (but with the intention that they will be adopted by other people) (generally) but some at the rescue HQ where some of them get to live in the house with the stunt cats...

cinnamongreyhound Thu 20-Jun-13 12:51:55

They didn't have an idea for any of the available ones that's were there when we got Billy, she just said we'll have to try and see. It's just so hard and my life is not exactly easy going as it is!

mistlethrush Thu 20-Jun-13 12:53:48

(((hug))) Could you look at a different rescue that does have an idea?

moosemama Thu 20-Jun-13 13:37:56

Thanks cinnamon, think you could be on the money there. He seems fine now.

I agree with mistlethrush. There are loads of sighthound rescues that are very careful with cat testing and fostering etc. I'm sure you could get a cat safe dog pretty quickly if that's what you need.

cinnamongreyhound Thu 20-Jun-13 15:54:10

She's home and seems totally unharmed, phew! We've decided we need to be more careful but we're not ready to give up on him. I've phoned the rescue place and asked for some support but no answer so hopefully someone will ring back tomorrow. Perhaps ask vet for some trainers who can advise and get a water pistol.

moosemama Thu 20-Jun-13 18:05:11

So glad she's home and ok cinnamon. Pleased for you that you've made a decision about not giving up on him yet as well. It might be worth your while joining the Greyhound Gap Forum as there's bound to be lots of experience and advice to be had there.

I have some good news too. Today I have switched about lurcherboy's routine. Walks at different times etc. Today is a 4 school run day, so slightly different than the rest of the week anyway and I decided to take him for an extra short walk literally just before I had to pick up the first 2 dcs and wear him out with some ball chasing. Brought him back 10 minutes before I had to go out and he was exhausted (muggy weather might have helped there). Left him a ufo full of biscuits and liver cake and a kong with liver cake, cooked chicken and cheddar sprinkled with garlic powder. Didn't think he'd bother with them though, a) because he was so tired and it was muggy and b) because he hasn't touched a kong all week.

Decided to push things a little and take the dcs to the corner shop for ice lollies, seeing as he was clearly knackered and usually sleeps for an hour when he's like that.

We got held up in the shop with half the school having had the same idea about ice lollies, so I played the tape back with trepidation when we got back. He managed half and hour without even a whine. He'd finished both his kong and the contents of the ufo and .... was asleep in his bed! grin

Had to go out and fetch ds2 from an after school club about half an hour after I got home from the shop - so shoved another handful of mixed treats in the ufo - was out 10 minutes this time - and again ... silence.

I am so pleased that we have made it up to half an hour and he's not stressed or anxious at all! grin

Silly thing is, I was only moaning to my mum this morning about how I'd had to take things back a few steps and start again at 10 minutes with him and it felt like it would be months before we are able to extend the time enough for me to actually be able to go further than the corner shop.

Bless him, he's given me the motivation to keep on keeping on. smile

cinnamongreyhound Thu 20-Jun-13 23:10:00

That's great moosemama!

Have registered and trying to read some posts but not loading great! Looking forward to the greyhound walk Sunday smile

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