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The flying whgippet started a full scale man hunt earlier tonight :0

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D0oinMeCleanin Wed 29-May-13 00:26:19

It's been dd2's birthday, so I didn't sit down until after 10:30pm, just ordered my supper when my mam rang me, almost in tears to tell me that my dad had left with the flying whippet et al at 7:30pm and had not come home.

He has a heart condition and walks in a very remote area. He has no mobile phone stupid man

We had to get my Grandad out of bed to drive us to where he walks.

When we get there his car is not there. The dogs are not there. We ring home in case we passed him on the way.

He answered thank fuck. As soon as he heard my voice he realised we must have gone looking for him because I normally walk with him and would know where he is likely to have gone. The first thing he says is "Stay there, I am coming to get you. She's gone in the factory and no-one can catch her" Upon which I spot a dog crouched the far corner of the factory forecourt with a security guard chasing after her grin

Because they couldn't catch her he'd come home for reinforcements. As soon as she heard my voice she flew to me at break neck speed and was promptly caught.

Needless to say I will be buying him a phone first thing in the morning. It was a horrible drive there, going to look for him. I was sure we'd find him unconscious on the beach sad

If you walk alone please, please, always remember to take a fully charged phone with credit.

RedwingWinter Wed 29-May-13 04:59:21

Well said, Dooin. That sounds like quite a scare. Glad it had a happy ending!

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