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puppy crying- help

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pregnantpause Tue 28-May-13 10:08:27

I have a new pup (a basset hound)- she's lovely, very docile and sleepy. she sleeps alone in her bed all night, quietly and has done since day one.
But she cries if I am there, but not cuddling her. So if in the kitchen doing dishes, she sits at my feet crying until I sit back down to cuddle ( which I don't rush to do, I finish my task of course) she cries if I go to toilet, she cries if I stand up, if I'm cooking. She doesn't seem unhappy, other than the crying, she's not pawing or wound up, she sits or lies down and whines.

Is this normal? Will she just get over it in time? I've not had a puppy before, well not since I was a child, so I'm learning still.

pregnantpause Wed 29-May-13 07:07:57


daisydotandgertie Wed 29-May-13 07:25:38

How long have you had her?

Bassets are pretty bright dogs on the whole; and very stubborn. And it sounds as if she has learned already that crying = attention. I'd guess that with a basset it's going to take a while to undo what she's learned.

You need to teach her alternative behaviours - something for her to do instead of whining because you're not cuddling her.

Stop cuddling her all the time - she doesn't need it (she is not a baby) and teach her that other stuff is fun too. Teach her to play with toys on her own; so start with a really easy stuffed Kong or similar. Try a bit of training with her - she will have a very powerful nose, so teach her to use it; hide little treats in places and teach her to find them. She needs to learn that she has to manage to entertain herself - and to build a bit of confidence on her own too.

Bassets do need a confident and consistent owner - this isn't pack leader stuff but they do need firm guidance and boundaries.

pregnantpause Wed 29-May-13 07:58:34

She's only been here a week,but is 4 months old so probably learned at the last house. (i have her after owbers decided pup wasnt for them and sent to pound- she hasnt even had her injections so I cant take her out to exhaust her yet) She has no interest in the kong I bought her, nor does she pay attention to her toys. I do hide small treats for her to find and follow with her nose, which she enjoys.

I only cuddle her if I'm already sitting down. And ignore her when I'm busy and she's moaning. Thank you, I will try another type of kong, or change to pate over peanut butter.

daisydotandgertie Wed 29-May-13 09:36:00

OK. That's a bit clearer. She has had a lot to cope with in four short weeks - two homes and a stint in the pound. Teach her to play - hold the kong for a little while; she might well love squirty cheese - mine do. Bassets love food, so there will be something. And likely the smellier the better.

With regard to jabs - you need take her out and about as much as you possibly can. Carry her for most of the time. If you can find a place where other dogs haven't been - say on the beach at low tide for example, she will be perfectly safe walking about. Or a little used field or wood. Pop her on the floor with no lead on and have a little game and walk.

This period of time is the most, most crucial time in developing your dogs ability to cope with normal life. She needs to see as much as you can think of - lorries, cars, children, playgrounds, lawn mowers, strimmers, birds, cows, sheep. Bloody everything. You have about four weeks left to do it before she begins to be wary of new things.

She will settle down I am sure.

pregnantpause Wed 29-May-13 09:59:38

Thank you. I haven't taken her further than the gardens, but front is heavy traffic, which she is getting used to, and back has chickens, which she is afraid of. I have introduced her to another puppy- the only two to go to vets puppy party.

I will take her out over the next two weeks to safe places, she's quite big for carryingwink .

I'm walking her around the house on her lead and she's quickly learning about using the papers to toilet, not everywhere, I'm having to learn quickly.

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