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Huh. What to do about 'play' which seems to be a bit snide

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We've had the puppy for 4 weeks now, and Jasper has coped a million times better than I ever could have hoped. They play tuggy, and sometimes Jas lays down and the pup climbs all over him. They mouth gently etc etc, all fine. However, on occasion this tips over in to more boisterous play. Jasper gets over excited, and the pup tends to cower next to the sofa, where he is effectively trapped. He snarls, mouths, growls and bats at Jas with his paws, but his tail is low and he seems frightened and defensive rather than playful. Jas is wagging his tail the whole time and seems relaxed if focused. I am trying to teach Jasper an 'enough' command, where I remove him from this 'play' by gently leading him by the collar and get him to look at me and calm down. The pup is not yet 3kg, and Jas is 15kg, so I don't want to get this wrong. So far, there has been the odd yelp from either dog, but no actual injuries iyswim. Any advice other than separating them when it gets out of hand? They are never left unsupervised. The pup seems wary of Jasper when he's running around in the garden, too, but happily gets into bed with him in the evening.

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