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Adventures In Dogwalking! Share your wackiest walks with me please...

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Ullena Thu 23-May-13 23:29:27 I had an insane time with Colliedog today!

Playing fetch in local country park, we were near a bridge that goes over a sort of mini gorge. There is a river at the bottom of it, thankfully shallow at the moment. As I somehow managed to bounce the toy off a tree and into said river, where it wedged on a rock.

But not just any toy. Oh no. Redtoy. Colliedog's bestest friend ever. Dog horrified. Me already scrambling to get to toy. Slide down bank cursing at nettles and broken glass and step into river fecking freezing to rescue it. Get toy. Hurl it back up to Colliedog. Crawl back up bank bashing knees on rock and collapse at the top.

Colliedog deposits Redtoy upon back of my head, sits down and happily awaits resumption of game...

Anyone else have adventures on their walks?

musicposy Thu 23-May-13 23:53:09

Another river related one! Middle of summer two years ago, hot day (we must have had one!)

We have a fairly shallow river running over our fields. Young dog, puppy at the time, is straight in, splashing about, having a whale of a time. Older dog has never even considered going in the river before so DD1 decides to gently lower him in from the bridge and see if he likes it, especially as he is a sheltie, covered in fur and panting hot.

He just sort of looks at us and floats off gently down the river! Didn't try to swim, move struggle, nothing. Just looked at us with a surprised "Oh, I'm floating away" look. Young dog splashed round him, barking at him to swim back, but to no avail. DD had to leap in, run along the river bed and carry him out. All I could do was stand on the bridge, rendered completely helpless because (and I don't usually admit this in public) I have a phobia of nettles.

We've never let him near the water since! He is obviously not a water dog grin

Ullena Thu 23-May-13 23:56:42

Floating sheltie grin

moosemama Fri 24-May-13 09:15:23

We were walking in a large country park with two of our dogs and a friend's large, bouncy, staffy/lab cross. All three were happily chasing a frisbee when it was picked up by a sudden gust of wind and hovered near the edge of a hillock - or so we thought.

My two thought better of it, but our friend's daft dog did a massive leap towards the frisbee and disappeared over the edge.

We weren't too panicked, believing it to be just a small hillock, rather than a cliff-edge and expecting him to reappear any second - wrong! shock

Fortunately, when we got to the edge, there he was, sat on a wide ledge about ten feet down ... between two very surprised sheep! shock

Thankfully, from the ledge there was just a steepish incline, rather than a sheer drop. Our friend had to walk in a big loop round the edge, then sidle up the incline. At which point his dog leaped off the ledge, galloped round the edge and back up to where we were waiting with our dogs, leaving him standing there with two apparently disinterested - and very bored looking - sheep. grin

The weirdest thing was there were no other sheep anywhere to be seen - if there had been the dogs wouldn't have been off-lead. We told the guy operating the carpark where they were and he said he'd inform the farmer - apparently the flock had only been moved from that part of the park the day before. The really daft thing was that they could easily have got off the ledge and back up to the top - but they just didn't seem to realise it - they weren't at all perturbed by their canine visitor either. confused grin

Ullena Fri 24-May-13 10:00:48

"Get orfff our ledge!"

moosemama Fri 24-May-13 10:10:27


Slavetothechild Sat 25-May-13 11:11:20

My oldish setter had a brain malfunction a few months ago . We took him on his normal walk along a big river and for some unknown reason he ran down the bank onto one of the jetties and jumped. Now that would not be a problem if the bloody silly dog could SWIM !!! we breed them and they are renound for being crap swimmers sad my poor husband had to go in and get him it was March , stupid setter is 9 and has never done this before , the river is tidal and very cold according to my hero husband .

Ullena Sun 26-May-13 14:45:12

"I can do it! I can be a Labrador! Oh - no I can't...humans, help!"

<offers dry towel and [tea] >

themonsteratemyspacebar Sun 26-May-13 14:58:15

Sorry i have nothing to add but am crying with laughter at musicposy's dogs look of 'oh, im floating away!'
Hahahahaha can just picture it grin
Thanks for the giggle!

MothershipG Sun 26-May-13 15:08:26

Ddog1, a mini Schnauzer, when a puppy, ran into a small lake following a dog she was playing with, the look of sheer panic on her face when the water took her weight was priceless! grin After a couple of mins she got back to the shallower bit and since has never gone in any water past her ankles.

vjg13 Sun 26-May-13 16:17:44

My then boyfriend's Mum and Dad's Lhasa Apso (sp?) jumped into the middle of a stagnant pond covered in green slime and sank without a trace. Boyfriend stood screaming "do something", so I jumped in and pulled her out. Boyfriend then refused to let me and the dog back into car because we were so dirty and we had to walk back!

I have no idea why I married him grin!

moosemama Sun 26-May-13 17:43:05

vjg, that happened to me, many many moons ago when our whippet, sheltie cross was a pup. We were walking with five dogs in all. All the others - all adult dogs - carefully skirted the 'bog of eternal stench' that we came upon, but not her - oh no. She literally launched herself right into the middle, disappearing from sight and eventually resurfacing looking something akin to the creature from the black lagoon.

In my case it was dh that had to wade in and pull her out. She always was a dog of very little brain, bless her.

Dh insisted on taking his stinky trousers off when we got back to the car and was then wholeheartedly unimpressed with the idea of letting the dog get in. We had to wash the worst off with bottles of mineral water, then rub her down with the clean bit of his trousers. He had to drive home in his boxers, praying we didn't get pulled over for anything - then run for cover into the house from the car when we got home - as we lived in a terrace, so didn't have a drive or garage! grin

VivaLeBeaver Sun 26-May-13 18:24:56

My daft Dh only took my greyhound for a walk once, dd was there as well. I wasn't.

They're walking along a river, dog off the lead. They come to a mill pond with a sort of weir wall crossing the pond. Dh decides to walk across the wall followed by dd. they left the dog on the river bank planning to stand on the wall for a bit and return.

Dog freaked out and charged after them and promptly fell in he deep pond. Found out she can't swim and it was vertical stone walls and no bank. Somehow Dh managed to haul her out. We were was smelly in the little campervan that night.

Ullena Sun 26-May-13 20:53:22

I'm sensing a pattern here: water is bad!

Happiestinwellybobs Sun 26-May-13 21:09:09

Happily mine will go in any water (daft Labrador), but a few months ago, on a walk rounded the village, he spotted a dog across the road, going round the corner. As we got across the road, he trotted off, on his extended lead, and as he went round the corner got the lead wedged in the brickwork. Stuck absolutely fast, and no amount of me pulling could free him.

Thankfully I had my phone and got my DH to come and rescue us. In the meantime, Happiestdog and I stood on the corner nonchalantly trying to look like we were meant to be there, and not let on that we were stuck blush

oldandcrabby Mon 27-May-13 15:27:06

Water does seem to be a theme. Senior dog, a medium terrrier, saw a dog standing in the river, when a pup. Bounded up to join him and sank. The other dog was a large Mountain dog and water much deeper than expected. He sank in astonishment. He has only paddled since except when he thought a leat, choked with leaves and debris was firm ground, walking on water was not fun but he did discover he could swim before I dragged him out.
Junior dog dashed off a river bank when a puppy, quite a drop so I moved further down stream to get her. She was so scared she levitated back onto the bank.

Ullena Mon 27-May-13 19:41:46

Water bad
Sheep perplexed
Terror leads to levitation
Flexi leads are evil


barkingtreefrog Tue 28-May-13 09:24:39

It's another water one... A friend and I went for a walk with our two dogs plus I took another friend's dog. The extra dog was the youngest but biggest - an airedale terrier. We went on a circular walk that at one point involves crossing a small river where there isn't a bridge - usually a big jump or a couple of stepping stones. Both our dogs jumped in the river and out the other side. Repeatedly. It was not swimming height, about knee height on us. Big dog refused. Totally refused. Tried ordering, tried coaxing, tried shaking bags of treats. Big dog just stood there. Eventually I was stood with one foot on a precarious rock and the other on the bank, pulling at his lead. The water was about 2 mm from the top of my wellies. I finally managed to get him across the river with one massive pull and a lurch to the other bank, landing flat out with my friend laughing hysterically.

What really took the p1ss was the same dog, a week later, choosing to run into water on a different walk!!!!

starsandunicorns Tue 28-May-13 09:35:00

Just this morning walking dafty dog on the beach we are on hoilday in scotland so a new beach to sniff etc with rockpools and seaweed ( used to go to the beach all time when i lived close to it but never had seaweed)

Que dafty dog (whippet cross) running around jumping in rock pools sees a load of seagulls on some rocks sneeks up runs skids on seaweed nearly does the spilts falls into a large pool of water.

The look I got was "yeah I was aiming to that honest." Me laughing then got the look of "just throw the stick women" !

Ullena Tue 28-May-13 22:47:29


Greenandcabbagelooking Wed 29-May-13 08:05:07

My dog fell into the brook. He was walking along the side, and sort of slid in.

He was fine, but less than impressed when he was hosed off in the garden before he was allowed in.

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