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The long wait

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GeorgianMumto5 Tue 21-May-13 10:23:05

Registered with a breed rescue and, despite the fact that I know it will likely take ages and we're not really quite ready yet, I'm done ng the wait to be matched is a bit of a killer. I've only been registered for about 3 weeks!

Obviously I need to get a grip, but is anyone else waiting for a rescue dog?

GeorgianMumto5 Tue 21-May-13 10:23:43

done ng - no idea, but let's go with, 'finding'.

moosemama Tue 21-May-13 12:03:56

We are planning to take on a rescue later this year, probably when dd starts school full time, although talking to dh this weekend, he wants to wait even longer. hmm

I am already struggling. I torture myself looking at various rescue websites, in the full knowledge that we aren't ready and are too busy for the next few weeks anyway.

I've decided in the meantime, I'm going to buy a load of books and brush up on my knowledge of behaviour and training - not sure if that will make the wait easier or harder thought to be honest. grin

Scuttlebutter Tue 21-May-13 13:29:58

OP, there are lots of things you can do to help the time pass constructively. How about volunteering at the rescue, or walking some of their dogs regularly? This will also help build your knowledge and experience of the breed. Most rescues have summer events such as fun dog shows, BBQs, etc - can you and your DC do anything to help at these? I'd also endorse a good few reads - idirdog has posted some great book lists previously and attending things like training sessions, workshops is always interesting and useful. You can also do things like check out local vets, make sure you have all your necessary equipment so you are ready when the call comes, make sure car is adjusted as necessary (crate or dog guard fitted etc). Find out about local dog training classes or other similar events.

Judging by the wait you've described I can only assume you are waiting for a very rare breed or one with a very detailed list of requirements (must like cats, DC and be able to unicycle grin)

How about making the most of a nice clean house as well, and enjoying not having poo bags in every pocket, dog treats in every handbag and dog hair on your furniture? smile

GeorgianMumto5 Tue 21-May-13 14:45:28

Scuttlebutter I love your reply. Thank you.

You are right: we want Marv's dog, Sizzles! grin No, we want a toy poodle. Size, exercise requirements and low-allergen coat are critical. I will do some reading - I have a list, somewhere, from lovely mumsnetters. The particular rescue is too far away from us, but there is a local-ish general rescue and I like the idea of volunteering.

You are absolutely right about appreciating all the things being doggy-free affords us, too.

I could just go right out and gets 'brand new' one, but my heart is set on a rescue dog and dh and I both want a dog rather than a puppy.

moosemama here's hoping your dh caves in changes his mind soon.

moosemama Tue 21-May-13 16:03:23

Scuttle, love the idea of enjoying not having dog treats and poo bags in every pocket. grin Think I've forgotten what that's like. In fact I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a handful of liver treats instead of a tissue when I was at a festival last weekend!

This morning I actually ordered a stack of books from recommendations on MN Doghouse. It's far too many years to mention since I did my canine studies course and formal training, so really could do with a refresher, skills brush up and getting up to speed on more recent research etc. Not to mention, lurcherboy could do with a refresher course of his own if he's going to set a good example.

GeorgianMum, dh'll come round - he always does! wink He has a list of things he wants to have done before we get another dog, but if I wait for all of them to be done I'll be around 90 - if not older. hmm Fortunately, he is a total sucker for a furry face, so not much of a challenge really. wink

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