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My pup bit me and punctured my hand, help me comfort him

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ihatethecold Mon 20-May-13 17:09:38

My 15 week old puppy bit me through fear.

He got his foot caught in his cage when he was coming out of it.

It was hurting him. I tried to release his leg but he was scared and bit me very hard on my hand.

It's bled and is now swollen.

The dog wouldn't come near me after. I didn't scold him at all.

He went outside and looks very sorry for himself.

I have been out and had a play, given him some treats to come to me and have a cuddle.

I don't think he will go near his bed later! sad

I have asked the doc about tetanus but they said I'm still covered form last jab in 2006

LousThighBurn Mon 20-May-13 17:14:20

Just give him time, leave some treats in there (if it is safe) so he can view it as a positive place again. Have you checked him over at all? Is the cage broken or is there anything you can do so it won't happen again?

Booboostoo Mon 20-May-13 17:17:21

What an unfortunate thing to happen!

With respect to his crate, make sure he can't get caught again and let him get used to it again. See if he is willing to eat his food or chews in there but don't force him in. Reward any move towards the crate but it may be that for a few days you have to reward him for looking in that direction or moving in the direction of the crate rather than going in there. Give him time and he'll be fine, you've both had a bit of a shock.

What is his bite inhibition like in general? Is he still quite nippy?

I hope your hand is not too painful! Look out for infection which is a possible side-effect of dog bites.

ihatethecold Mon 20-May-13 17:39:07

He is going back in his bed on his own to get toys which is great.

The cage is safe to use.

He is currently chasing a fly so I think he is getting back to normal.

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