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Pet passport- how much and what is involved now?

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topbannana Sun 19-May-13 20:24:15

GingerDog had a passport and travelled cheerfully to France and back. We had a lovely holiday and resolved never to leave the dogs behind again as the whole process was so easy.
When it came to his booster, the vet advised us that the process had changed and that unless we were planning to travel that year (we weren't) then we would be better to wait and start again prior to our next trip.
So we would like to go away next year, taking GingerDog and TopPup with us. Both will be without passports.
So how much is it going to be this time around? It was around £200 all in last time but I believe (and hope!) that it will be cheaper this time round grin

Bakingtins Sun 19-May-13 20:48:46

Most of the rabies vaccinations have a 3 yr booster interval, so check your passport - if you are within the dates then you don't need to do anything.
If they've lapsed, then the process is now much simpler - you just need a rabies vaccination and a new passport, you can travel back to the UK 21 days after the rabies vaccine. You still need to get a wormer done by a vet and entered in the passport before you re-enter the UK.
We charge £75 for rabies vacc + passport issue. Microchip would be on top of that but I assume yours are already chipped.

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