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How do I stop my dog....

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VisualiseAHorse Fri 17-May-13 10:45:38

thinking that she is going for a walk every time I stand up?

It's getting VERY annoying, to the point where I've been sending her to the bedroom, because every time I stand up from the couch she starts spinning around like she thinks I'm taking her for a walk. But I'm not. I'm just standing up.

I can't even put on my socks without her getting really worked up about going for a walk.

Bunnylion Sun 19-May-13 16:15:29

Repetition of standing up and it not ending in a walk. Ignore her completely if she gets excited.

Also try and establish a clear signal for when it is time for a walk - saying "walkies", get lead out of cupboard, pick up your doggie poo bags, do all or at least one of these very obviously in front of her so she clearly associates that with a walk.

Walking at regular times (and perhaps for longer so she's not so desperate) is also a sure way to help her understand when it really istime for a walk.

It won't be overnight but with enough repetition it will work.

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