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Just wanted to share a proud mummy moment :)

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Itsnotahoover Tue 14-May-13 12:45:45

My 5 year old collie x poodle has always been weird with other dogs to say the least. Very well socialised and 100% with dogs coming in the house or at other people's houses, but fear-aggressive on the lead and unpredictable at best off the lead; her recall when other dogs are around is poor as she becomes totally fixated, sometimes wanting to play but very quick to nip if they show any dominance over her. Anyway I digress...

We have been turning a corner slowly, and she has made a couple of doggy friends, including a 6 month old collie pup who she absolutely loves to bits. When she's playing with him, she shows zero interest in other dogs and has amazing recall! This morning when they were tearing around, he went to take off in the direction of another dog that had just appeared (unusual as he's usually brilliant) and my wonderful dog actually took up chase and rounded him up, bringing him back to us without even a glance at the other dog smile It was so sweet to see, she's very motherly with him and seems to have grown up in herself so much since having this little friend. I was so proud smile

Whippoorwhill Tue 14-May-13 19:50:43

Aw, that's lovely. It's great when they bond like that. :D

After my older dog died the pup, who was very timid already, lost all confidence. She wouldn't go into the garden, let alone on a walk and was very sad and mopey. We took a wild gamble and got another puppy. There is only 4 months between them and it is hell sometimes but she's really come out of her shell and this week is eagerly jumping into the car to go for a walk rather than lying down in the hallway and refusing to move.

needastrongone Tue 14-May-13 20:26:54


That's me, keeling over at the the thought of two puppies....

You should be proud. smile

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