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Bakers complete meaty bits

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Doha Wed 08-May-13 22:24:15

Help l have 1n 18 moth old cocker spaniel and we are having trouble getting a food he will eat. I think he looks a bit underweight and am getting comments on this.
I have tried Royal canine skinners field and trial and other dry foods but he generally turns his nose up at them, eating only if very hungry.
At the begibing of the week we bought Bakers complete meaty bits which he has been woolfing down, but when l googled this tonight it appears not to be good for him
Any advice please--l love my boy!!!

Fairydogmother Wed 08-May-13 22:33:30

Bakers is quite literally the worst food ever made for any animal. Please don't buy it! It contains some ingredients that have been identified as carcinogenic and banned in other countries. It is also full of mechanically reclaimed slime which is blasted from the carcasses - not actual meat. The majority of it is filler made from additives and E numbers.

You need to get one food and stick to it - swopping around regularly will encourage fussy eating. Before anything tho go and get him looked at by a vet. He needs properly wormed too and with a veterinary medicine - not the stuff you get in the pet shop. Milbemax every quarter and 2 doses of advocate is what I use.

Choose a good quality food such as burns, Lily's kitchen, CSJ or James wellbeloved. I use Lily's kitchen and get it delivered from amazon as its the cheapest supplier I can find. My 2 are v fussy and they utterly ADORE this food!

Make sure he's getting enough exercise as that helps with appetite but if he's v underweight just be careful you are running off too many pounds. Is he a worrier? That can knock weight off too.

Lastly do not give any other sources of food as he will be clever enough to realise he can dictate!

Good luck

1MitchellMum Thu 09-May-13 08:35:41

I totally agree with Fairy Dogmother. Bakers can give dogs all sorts of problems. Lily's Kitchen is good but expensive, but CSJ is very reasonably priced (not sure what your budget is!) When we had an underweight dog I spoke to Ceri at CSJ. She recommended a food high in carbs to put weight on - it worked. Good luck ... I know I spend hours agonising over dog food!

Fairydogmother Thu 09-May-13 09:26:12

It's a tough choice!

Just one wee point - I've found Lily's kitchen actually cheaper than burns etc as my 2 eat it all rather than half of it being chucked out because they picked at it. Plus they only need about half the ration recommended - they'd be obese if I gave them the weighed portion size suggested!

Lilcamper Thu 09-May-13 09:36:01

Bakers is just the WORST food going, it's like feeding children Haribo for every meal. The additives in it are addictive too and dogs have to be literally weaned off it like class A drugs. Awful stuff.

Doha Thu 09-May-13 18:07:38

Oh dear.......l have messed up haven't I ??

On the positive side he has turned his nose up at it today, so l have no problems throwing the whole bloody lot in the bin..

Thanks everyone for setting me straight and l will have a look at your suggestions Fairy smile

LadyTurmoil Thu 09-May-13 18:45:11

have you tried a raw diet? Chicken wings, chicken carcasses, lamb bits, tripe, lamb hearts, sardines in tomato sauce, broccoli, carrots - you could try all that and see what he likes...

Doha Thu 09-May-13 18:58:58

He likes sardines carrots liver and heart....but l cook them all is this correct--and l thought small bones as in chicken carcasses may cause them to choke ???
Oh dear it was much easier feeding the DC's
How much raw do l give??

Lilcamper Thu 09-May-13 19:28:49

The meat needs to be raw Doha, raw chicken bones are ok, it is when they are cooked they go brittle.

LoveDogs Thu 09-May-13 20:22:39

We have a cocker and she's always been fussy about food, we tried all the expensive foods, but she didn't like them, she's on ceaser and she loves it!
We also feed her porridge, I know, she's spoilt, but she does love porridge!!

LadyTurmoil Thu 09-May-13 21:54:21

try looking at this

Fairydogmother Fri 10-May-13 09:13:54

Just read a bit of research about sardines. Seems like there's a lot of samples turning up high levels of strontium 90 (which may be connected to Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan).

Maybe best not to feed too much of those!

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