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diarrhoea in 6 month old puppy, to go to vet? or simply treat with rice?

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waikikamookau Wed 08-May-13 09:03:53

otherwise she is as right as rain.
yellow mucousy with blood poo,
diarrhoea turning increasingly brown, which is a good sign surely?
then this morning after treating her with rice and her usual complete biscuits, yellow again.
google scaremongers and I expect if I didn't have google I would just treat.

HousewifeFromHeaven Wed 08-May-13 09:05:59

I would treat it as a wait and see. By lunchtime you'll know if you need to go to the vet.

Hope he gets better soon. Also I wouldn't feed him for the rest of the day.

waikikamookau Wed 08-May-13 09:10:05

diarrhoea started on Monday evening btw. so yesterday was a wait and see, but I hadn't thought about starving, I just thought rice.

Kormachameleon Wed 08-May-13 09:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

waikikamookau Wed 08-May-13 09:14:55

yes fully vaccinated and next monthly worming due in 9 days. so I would say wormed.

AliceinSlumberland Wed 08-May-13 09:16:35

If there is blood, vet, definitely.

waikikamookau Wed 08-May-13 09:17:45

was blood but not now.

FragileTitanium Wed 08-May-13 09:21:55

I was told by vet to worm my puppy every two weeks??

waikikamookau Wed 08-May-13 09:24:05

it is a monthly thingummy

HelgatheHairy Wed 08-May-13 09:38:17

My vet always recommends starving for 24 hours as an initial treatment. It gives the digestive system a chance to calm down and take strain off of it.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 08-May-13 14:12:25

Blood at any point I always recommend and examination.
I prescribe to the more modern way of thinking that does not use starving or bland diets. This way of thinking is that the fastest way to restore a gut to normal is to keep feeding the regular diet if it is merely dietary indescretion.

waikikamookau Wed 08-May-13 19:51:49

just like with children lonecat.

vet very costly, did go, and because she was fine in herself, she will be fine, just ate something vet reckoned. and she said starve for 12 hours, so now I know.
thanks all

HousewifeFromHeaven Thu 09-May-13 21:55:00

Glad he's okay

HousewifeFromHeaven Thu 09-May-13 21:55:18


34DD Fri 10-May-13 00:02:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

waikikamookau Fri 10-May-13 06:40:34

oh thanks, that would be cheaper than the vet's offering tin

1MitchellMum Fri 10-May-13 07:42:27

Recently discovered Wainwright's Salmon and Potato (Pets at Home own brand) as a bland offering.

topbannana Mon 13-May-13 16:55:35

I just looked up this thread as TopPup has an iffy belly today hmm
lonecat I am so upset I never came across the phrase "dietary indiscretion" when BlackDog was still alive- it has a far more decorous ring to it than "oh she ate some cow shit" grin

KibbleQueen Mon 13-May-13 22:20:34

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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