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Proud owner well done Whiskey

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ruledbyheart Sun 05-May-13 16:27:12

Its only taken 10mths but my lovely ex greek street dog managed a whole hours round trip in the car and was able to walk off lead with a near perfect recall so proud.

when I first got Whiskey she had no recall what so ever and as soon as she felt no restraint by the lead she would just walk off and keep walking without looking back and slowly with a lot of time and rewards she came back nearly everytime and the times she didn't come back she just stood and waited for me to catch up.

Only one issue and that was the stupid dog owner who had his 5/6 terriers off lead in a part of the park clearly marked on lead only and nearly caused a fight as Whiskey is food protective and snapped at the terriers who were too close to my DCs picnic, then stupid dog owner just picked up my little dog without asking.... no etiquette at all and very lucky I didn't have a go, just told him of little dog bit him then its his own fault and pointed to the big on lead only sign, stupid guy just laughed and walked off.

Thumbtack Tue 07-May-13 12:44:45

Aww, you must feel very proud of her, she 's been through a lot no doubt. Well done whiskey x

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