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Lab puppy eating sticks

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punter Sun 05-May-13 12:08:36

8 month old male, mad as a box of frogs, has now begun searching out any bamboo sticks holding up plants in the garden and chewing them up. Have offered lovely chewing dog toys instead but no good. Hidden most canes in the shed now but mad lab searching out any twigs, branches etc to chew on in the garden and on walks. Can't be good for his insides, seen small bamboo bits in his poo. Any suggestions please?
(Also loves used tissues discarded in the street and anything that might have a molecule of food in it, but we can cope with that by offering tasty treat instead.) Thanks in advance - this forum has saved my sanity many times!

ruledbyheart Sun 05-May-13 16:35:50

Have you tried a kongstix its apparently a replacement stick toy and a lot better for dogs as sticks can splinter and can cause a lot of damage (my aunt lost her beloved staffie due to a stick related incident), other than that inwould watch your pup like a hawk and have a strong leave/drop command.

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