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What to buy - puppy present for novice dog owner?

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Wylye Tue 30-Apr-13 22:27:45

My lovely sis will be getting her 4th baby little Havanese pup in a couple of months time, and I was wondering what a good present would be?
I'm making her a set of small fleece blankets to cover the sofa/car seats etc, but wondered if there was something really useful I should get as well?

DSis had been researching like mad and has bought everything she thinks she needs, but we're a cat family so not really familiar with the canine world!

They're in the US, so I'm hoping any suggestions will be cheap & light to post! smile

hortensemancini Wed 01-May-13 08:59:36

A Kong. Stuff it with interesting cheese/kibble/mackerel pâté/nutritious gunge, and enjoy literally minutes of silence as the dog attempts to winkle it all out. Will also help make the crate a Fun Place To Be if that's the only place the Kong magically appears. Comes in different sizes - not sure how big a Havanese would need?

Callisto Wed 01-May-13 13:05:45

Voucher for puppy training classes.

HousewifeFromHeaven Wed 01-May-13 13:07:24

Alcohol. She'll need it.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Wed 01-May-13 13:54:48

Steel toe cap boots and gauntlets <bathes puppy chewing wounds>

RedwingWinter Wed 01-May-13 18:11:26

What about a book, or does she have lots already? Life Skills for Puppies by Helen Zilch and Daniel Mills is perfect for a new puppy owner. The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson is a great read for anyone who wants to know more about dogs.

Billwoody Wed 01-May-13 18:13:08

Stag bar for when the puppy is about 4 months and wants to chew everything in sight

Wylye Wed 01-May-13 20:00:22

Thank you for all the suggestions! I especially like yours Housewife grin

They've already booked puppy training for the week she arrives - DSis is taking all three DC (5 7 & 9) with her so they all learn together what to do (and not to do!).
She's pretty set for books, but I reckon a Kong thing would be good, Havanese are tiny little dog-shaped-cats so i'll see if I can find a diddy one.

I saw some twig shaped chew bars, will have a google of stag bars and see if they're better.

Thanks everyone!

TheCunnyFunt Thu 02-May-13 15:19:25

Get a puppy kong, they're small and made out of softer rubber than the red or black ones. The puppy ones are either pink or blue in a marbled effect.

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