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Today was absolute drudgery

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FragileTitanium Tue 30-Apr-13 20:38:25

I am traumatised....Yesterday and today, I spent most of the day cleaning up poo in various forms, encrusted onto various cherished objects and body parts...

On one of my long walks, many, many neighbours saw me trying to wipe my dogs backside (she had decided to roll around in her own poo before I realised what she was doing) with the wet wipes I carry around for my daughter and assumed that I am some sort of ridiculous Paris Hilton type with a "designer" dog who routinely wipes their dogs bum.

I had to tell the lonely old lady who lives on our street that she couldn't pet my dog but I just couldn't bring myself to tell her that it was because my dog's lower half was encrusted in dried poo....she walked away feeling sad and irrelevant...I wanted to shout after her, "it's not you, it's the dried poo." but was too knackered.

I had to bathe my dog half an hour before I had to leave for the school run to wash off said poo. It took 5 changes of water before I could no longer see bits of dissolved poo....then I had to bathe myself as I was covered in little bits of poo....then I had to deep clean and disinfect the entire bathroom...then cycle to do the school run with now pristine dog covered in L'Oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil in trailer attached to bike (heavy and tiring to cycle).

Yesterday, I had to clean off a massive poo from my daughter's school shoe even though I am utterly paranoid and diligent about checking for poos in the garden (imissed that one) and then digging them into a patch in the back. I then had to retrace her steps and clean and disinfect everything with poo on it. All our beautiful, chic, minimalist oak furniture.....the floors...some bits of the wall...and then disinfect her entire school uniform....then bathe her.

Sorry if this offends the dog nuts but if any kind soul had offered to take my puppy this afternoon, I probably would have agreed....

<offers wine> You get days like that. But then tomorrow, it'll do something adorable or hilarious, and you'll remember why you wanted a dog in the first place I have to believe this

FragileTitanium Tue 30-Apr-13 21:04:17 on third glass.
Four weeks ago, I was teetotal...I'm not kidding.

littlewhitebag Tue 30-Apr-13 21:04:20

How is the pup managing to spread poo so far and wide? I don't recall this being a problem when ours was tiny. How old is the pup?

Notonaschoolnight Tue 30-Apr-13 21:05:23

I hear you, I had workmans hands for weeks as I must have been allergic to the special clean spray you buy to clean up the accidents. Have you thought about a raw food diet? The poos are small, less smelly and dry out really fast outside, a few hours and they turn white and chalky so less mess on shoes when you do 'discover' one

If you're anything like me you'll be on here every week with a new worry sleeping, eating, recall, amount of walking, I can't imagine a time when there won't be something to stress about.

I just thank god this forum exists!

HoneyDragon Tue 30-Apr-13 21:07:17

Last week. My puppy dug up an eyeball. Because she is a fetid disgusting bastard.

We were cuddling on the sofa by tea time smile

littlewhitebag Tue 30-Apr-13 21:07:36

Things do get better it was the sleep deprivation and nipping that did me in. We all had holes in all our clothes.

FragileTitanium Tue 30-Apr-13 21:11:11

To be fair to devil's not that the poo is particularly's just that it (she's an it at the moment) decided to roll in it, then I tried to wipe it with wet wipes which just smeared it around doggy and me. Being on a walk, we had to walk home in that state before I could clean.

I hear you re raw food, but I just can't face doing any more research into dog care at the moment.....and just bought a 25kg bag of beta puppy...

FragileTitanium Tue 30-Apr-13 21:12:32

Daughter inadvertently spread poo...not puppy....

Notonaschoolnight Tue 30-Apr-13 21:17:20

Lol I know my perfect puppy and idiots guide have been in the pouffe for 3 weeks I'm not letting myself get them out as ill just get myself stressed that's there's something else I should be doing but have forgot!

And I don't blame you not wanting to waste for I've got a load of posh natural instinct in the freezer which she has turned her nose up at as I bought some for a third of the price from Durham animal foods to try and she loves it. I suppose I shouldn't complain as she's saving me in the long run

FragileTitanium Wed 01-May-13 13:53:45

Just a quick update. After my trauma yesterday, I took a chance and walked into a very posh hair salon to have my hair cut (first time in 8 months). Puppy behaved perfectly playing with smitten hairdressers then sitting nicely in it's little doggy carrier handbag. Was seated next to neighbour who saw me wipe doggy's bum yesterday with wet wipes, thereby confirming her view that all I do all day is preciously flounce around salons with doggy handbag a la paris hilton.... I don't care...feel and look loads better. Then got home and had a go at grooming doggy with new clippers. The results look so ridiculous that I can't help laughing every time I see her. She looks like a weeny sheep with piggy tails....

digerd Wed 01-May-13 17:20:28

What breed is she and how old is she ?

FragileTitanium Sat 04-May-13 09:29:47

Sorry for slow response. She's a 12 week old bichon/shih tzu cross. She looks soooooo cute with her DIY haircut.

QuietTiger Mon 06-May-13 15:21:50

What can I say... Sometimes, Life is a bit shit. grin

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