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Mother2many Tue 30-Apr-13 01:29:34

Do you use one? Did end up having too? How do you feel about using it? What do you think when you see a dog with one?

I have been considering getting one for my dog. She's 90% great with other dogs at the dog park, but there is always one there she ends up fighting with...lots of growl, not biting or injuries from either thankfully!

However, I use to see dogs with muzzles and feel sad for them...and now I am considering getting one... only to save any possible fights/arguements...and also I will be able to relax more.

Curious if your dog uses one?

Scuttlebutter Tue 30-Apr-13 09:13:22

One of our four greys wears one regularly, and all of them wear them when they attend sighthound playgroup (it's one of the basic safety rules). Greys are used to wearing them for racing and they are plastic, lightweight and still allow drinking, panting and even eating. smile Our boy has perfected the art of the training treat administered through the side of his.

He has a high prey drive and is also a gannet who will eat anything he can find lying on the floor. I take the view that as a responsible dog owner I can, by and large, control what I do but I have no control over other people and there are plenty of numpties out there. This way we have an extra layer of protection if a convention of small fluffies with zero recall decide to come and badger us (and yes, this does happen). It also helps when walking near our house as there are many cats in the neighbourhood who have a habit of leaping out of hedges as we pass - even though he is on the lead, the muzzle offers an extra layer of protection for the cats. A greyhound owner was successfully prosectuted by the RSPCA two years ago under the AWA when their on lead grey bit a cat when out on a walk. The RSPCA argued that the dog's owner should have been able to prevent this. I have no wish to be in the same position. Likely future changes in legislation (discussed elsewhere on this board) will I think lead to more people taking a similar risk averse stance.

boardingschoolbaby Tue 30-Apr-13 09:23:36

My mum puts one on her small fluffy mongrel in the summer because she is a terrible scavenger and hoovers up leftover BBQ on the beach and in the park. Too many vets trips for either food poisoning or swallowing bones had led to the muzzle option. The dog is as soft as a brush (shitzu, spaniel and bichon) but people noticeably avoid her when muzzled. Hers is just one of those strap muzzles, no cage.

TheCunnyFunt Tue 30-Apr-13 12:06:01

A strap muzzle? You mean a headcollar? That's not a muzzle, it's a training tool for leadwalking confused

My dog wears a box muzzle, he can be quite aggressive with unneutered males and like Scuttles dog, mine has a high prey drive (hardly surprising though considering they're brothers!). My dog hates other dogs bouncing up in his face so the muzzle prevents him harming anyone/thing!

ginauk84 Tue 30-Apr-13 12:34:05

Perhaps means one of these fabric muzzles:

I personally am not keen on those as I don't feel try can drink and pant that easily. If I need to use one I will use a plastic basket muzzle.

Imsosorryalan Tue 30-Apr-13 15:13:36

I'm it considering one too. My dog is fear aggressive and has learnt that snapping gets a curious dog away! I am thinking of getting her one to break this habit.

There are some good you tube videos about muzzle training.

boardingschoolbaby Wed 01-May-13 08:24:27

Hey cunny funt, I couldn't find a link to the one she uses, but yes it is a muzzle not a head collar- it was located for her by her vet as the dog in question has a very short muzzle and all the basket ones were far too long. It is sold as a muzzle and is accepted as one for overseas travel when dogs have to be muzzled on ferries etc. thanks for the rather patronising response. I was just trying to let the op know that muzzles help to discourage others approaching all types of dogs if that might help with her decision too.

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