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Anybody got any experience of canine lung cancer and vomiting?

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Avago Mon 29-Apr-13 21:57:31

My 11yo cocker was diagnosed with lung cancer (metastic sp?) before Easter after a couple of months on various antibiotics and steroids for a cough.

I was told the end could happen very quickly however she's doing great in general except for vomiting. She's not been a sicky dog and I mentioned to the vet months ago (pre diagnosis) the fact that she'd been sick a couple of times (I only found it , but presumed she'd coughed too much) The vet asked if it was white and foamy, I said yes and he didn't seem concerned. Its happened again infrequently but the last week has been quite bad and the weekend particularly.

She was at the vet's yesterday who gave her a 24 hour anti nausea jab and antacid jab and she slowly picked up. Today she was back in for a check up and since the 24 hours was up and she wasn't being sick the vet thought everything was ok and gave her zantac along with her steroids which are being blamed for upsetting her stomach. She was ok until an hour or so again when she was a sick again. She seems to feel nauseous for maybe 10 min before being sick (hides, lies, licks her lips) might be sick several times over up to half an hour and takes a while to recover then she's great again and looking for food. The 3 vets I've described this to don't think it's a problem but it really doesn't seem right to me - the length of time before, during and after being sick and I've never seen vomit consisting of so much phlegm and foam.

Can anybody reassure or tell me what I should be worrying about?? (Do have faith the vets but I can't help wondering about your experiences - thank you!)

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