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Glaucoma :(

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VirgoGrr Sun 28-Apr-13 11:05:14

Does anyone have any experience of glaucoma in dogs? My boy has been diagnosed with it in his left eye. I thought it was an eye infection has he's had one before. The eyeball is noticeably swollen, the white is red iykwim and the dark part is a little cloudy. sad

Vet has given some eyedrops on Friday which seem to have a very temporary (couple of hours) improvement. Going back to the vet tomorrow to try to get some more guidance because they've been very vague about the outcome.

Everything I'm reading on the net says that treatment is just delaying removal and I'd rather that dog had one eye and wasn't in pain. Dog is not insured, so I'm thinking we should maybe should skip to the removal.

Sorry if this sounds flippant at all. I've done plenty of crying on Friday and I think I need to be more practical about it now.

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