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Does anyone on here have a Vizla?

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ihatethecold Sun 28-Apr-13 09:00:40

I got a male puppy 2 weeks ago and i can honestly say he is just the loveliest dog.
so eager to please, happy in his own space but always so pleased to see anyone and get a fuss.

Clicker traning has worked brilliantly, commands to sit, paw and will sit to receive his dinner.
He also has mad turns which are great to watch. We took him for his first short walk yesterday, which he loved.

I was slightly apprehensive when we got him because they can have a bit of a rep as a hard dog to look after but im so glad that so far i have been proved wrong.

tell me about your Vizsla please.

tipsycat Sun 28-Apr-13 21:03:38

I have one. He is approx 1.5 years old now. He is lovely, but has destroyed our kitchen. He is good with the kids, never agressive, but very bouncy and can get a bit wild. He bounds and leaps across fields, and loves nothing better than chasing birds (and cats). We love him. grin

PartyFops Sun 28-Apr-13 21:15:29

A neighbour has a vizsla called sasha, and she is a lovely little dog! She likes to have a good mad run with my dog (lab) when we see them out in the fields - we live in a rural location but lots of dogs about! - and she is great fun.

I think I'd like a vizsla in the future, when DD (2) is a bit older and not so keen to run up to any dog with the assumption that they're as bombproof as our lab... hmm

ihatethecold Mon 29-Apr-13 07:06:26

Tipsycat. How is your dogs recall?
I've just started walking Odi on a lead.
Should I wait until puppy training classes to let him off?

LegoAcupuncture Mon 29-Apr-13 07:11:21

Pinot has a Visla.

tipsycat Mon 29-Apr-13 20:36:07

ihatethecold - his recall is good, except when he's playing with other dogs, or some other more exciting activivity!! Watching him bounding across the fields, jumping and springing like a gazelle is a beautiful sight.

He's great with the kids too, but my 2 are now 10 & 11, think he would be too much for younger ones.

ihatethecold Mon 29-Apr-13 20:46:52

My kids are 9 and 13 so I agree about having older
Did you train him to recall or did it happen naturally?

Lorialet Mon 29-Apr-13 21:37:39

I've got one ~ she's 15 months old and just like tipsycat's her recall is pretty good now. If we spot another dog and it's quite far away, she'll come back (especially if we have cheese or biscuits), but if one appears round a corner she's still a bit unpredictable! She started training at about 11 weeks and the trainer said we should start letting her off lead as soon as possible as when they're really young they don't like to let you out of their sight.

She does have some funny habits like digging up worms in the garden and then rolling on them. She also loves kids ~ my son is 10 and they get on great, but I think she'd be a bit much for younger children as she's so excitable.

I would love to get another one so she'd have someone with the same energy levels to play with (most dogs get fed up with her after a few minutes, apart from other Vizslas of course!)

ilikecooking Tue 30-Apr-13 20:19:12

My dogs' best friend is a Vizla. The lurve each other so much, it's adorable.

This one is at best ok at recall. With mine you only have to say his name once & he does the most fantastic u-turn but with the Vizla you have to say "What's this?" in an excitable tone of voice.

He jumps up A LOT & has been known to push people over...but they're like children I think....they're what we make them to a degree? (Awaits a telling off)

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