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Getting another dog after one dies....?

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VivaLeBeaver Tue 23-Apr-13 18:53:22

Sorry for having another thread after yesterday's thread on dog breed advice. But different question.

My lovely grey only died yesterday. If you'd asked me before yesterday if I'd be racing out to get another dog immediatly after she'd died I'd have said no way. That another dog couldn't replace her and I'd need time, etc.

But I just don't think I can cope without a dog, the house is so empty. My mum says I shouldn't rush into a decision and that I should take my time and maybe in time I'd realise that I don't want another dog.

She was trying to sell me the positives of not having another dog. No mess, no chewing, no digging, can go out for the day with no worry about how long we'll be, etc, not having to pay for kennels when on holiday, not been woken up at 7am every morning, no flea infestations.

But not having a dog to come running up to say hello when I come in doesn't seem to make up for all of that.

Mum says I'd get used to not having a dog if I give it a few weeks.

Is she right?

I've always thought if I ever got another dog it would probably be a podenco. They're hard to come by (the small size ones). There's a breeder 3 hours from us who seems one of the few reputable ones. She's got two older puppies - 6 months old. An older puppy rather than an 8 week one would be ideal. I just think if I leave it I might not find a 6 month one again. DH says I can have a dog but not a puppy.

Abra1d Tue 23-Apr-13 18:56:56

First, condolences on your sad loss.

I once bought another dog four days after one died, very suddenly and very young during a routine operation. I wasn't being callous (I still mourn the one who died and think of her every day) but I knew I needed a dog to get me out of the house every day for health and mental health reasons.

If you know you love dogs there's no reason not to get another one. Dogs keep us mentally healthy, I believe.

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Tue 23-Apr-13 19:04:32

I felt the same when I lost my Springer, but he was only just 4 and I felt I needed another one. Also my collie seemed to be really miserable on her own.
I lost my Springer at the beginning of the August and went to meet a breeder at couple of week later. I saw the parents and the puppies were born right at the end of the month. We went and collected our puppy in the October.
I did still have one dog, but I really wanted another Springer. I deliberately chose a different colour as I didn't want to feel I was replacing him, but he is a very different personality.

I know what you mean. I do think if you leave it you may then find it hard again and you will get used to not having one, however I couldn't actually imagine that as all my hobbies revolve around my dogs so i couldn't be without them grin

There's no harm in going for a look. Well there probably is if they are ready for homing straight away...........

Scuttlebutter Tue 23-Apr-13 19:56:25

Firstly, so sorry for your loss.

I understand completely that a house without a dog simply isn't a home.

It's slightly different for us as we are a multi hound household. Last year, we started the year with three gorgeous hounds, then we lost one in June, and very unexpectedly lost another in August. We were reeling. However, after we lost our beautiful girl in June, we grieved (and in fact are still grieving for her) but we also knew that as a rescue who'd had a valuable second chance with us, the best way we could pay tribute to the love we'd shared with her was to offer another rescue dog a space. Again, we offered a space to an older dog who was less likely to be adopted.

So, in early August, the legendary Norty Minx arrived. She's what's called a "twilight" dog - as she is old (nine) and has a racing injury so virtually no chance of being adopted - we are her lifelong foster home - this way she won't be in kennels for the rest of her days. Instead she is in a loving home. The day we got her I was in tears, it was highly emotional (but in a good way if that makes sense). She has been a delight from Day 1 - not a substitute but a much loved member of the family. I'm also very happy that she overlapped briefly with our darling old boy before he was taken from us.

All I would ask is that you would consider a rescue podenco - there's a lovely 4 month old one on Dogsblog at the moment. I know a greyhound owner who adopted one and she is utterly gorgeous - a stunning ginger little barrel with those enormous bat like ears, a goofy grin and a loving, adorable nature.

Good luck. smile

flowery Tue 23-Apr-13 20:03:56

We lost our gorgeous Cavvy aged 6 last September. We struggled by without a dog for a few weeks but were just lost. We had our next one, a Springer, who is draped over my lap as I write, within 5 weeks. DH says that when we first met him it was the first time he'd seen me smile since we lost our Cavvy. I still miss him terribly, especially now the sun has started coming out, because he loved basking in it. But we couldn't cope with the dog-shaped hole that followed us round the house, especially as I work from home a lot.

HoneyDragon Tue 23-Apr-13 20:05:11

Viva sad so sorry x

Lovely Dragon Dog passed away last year on a Wednesday. HullyGully was with us on the Sunday, including a home check.

It just worked out that way. And it was dh who pushed as he couldn't stand seeing me without my shadow.

Hully wasn't a replacement. I still mourn for my friend. But she filled the dog shaped gap in our family.

And now we all utterly love her too.

Everyone's different. Don't feel bad for feeling you need another dog sooner rather than later, if you want to start looking than do.

LadyTurmoil Tue 23-Apr-13 20:19:09

You MUST look at SOS Animals UK if you're looking for a podenco...

LadyTurmoil Tue 23-Apr-13 20:23:03

Just look at Santo from SOS

VivaLeBeaver Tue 23-Apr-13 21:09:29

Thanks for all been so understanding.

I've looked at SOS but I want one of the small size pedengos and all theirs seem the large and med ones. Will look at dogsblog now.

needastrongone Tue 23-Apr-13 21:30:32

Viva. So so sorry for your loss, you must be reeling still. Can't even imagine.

I don't want to be an old misery guts but what's the reason for the breeder having 6 month old pups available? Not that I am very experienced but our breeder had a waiting list for her litter and we were reserve, luckily 13 were born!

Must admit I know nothing about the breed though so this might be normal.

Anyway, so sorry again. Take care. Xx

Fraggle78 Tue 23-Apr-13 21:39:51

So sorry to hear of your loss.

We adopted a podenco cross from Dog Watch UK last year and he is a fantastic little dog. He's smaller than a full podenco and loves nothing more than cuddling us and playing with our other dog. Dog Watch have a number of podencos and crosses and they are great to deal with, so I would recommend that you have a look at their site if you are considering one.

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