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Norwegian Elkhound owners?

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Mother2many Mon 22-Apr-13 16:05:57

Hard to believe it is 3 years since I got my Elkie. Chia has her quirks.

If she is left in the house in the winter, she will gather my shoes up and put them on the couch...thankfully not chew them.

If she is left in the summer, she will drag my shoes, pants, clothes outside in the yard...thankfully not chew them.

She is SCARED of water. Still wondering how I can change that. When she was a puppy she feel off a dock 2x. Now, any water...sprinkler, or even if she thinks someone has a cup of water, she will run from... If I am pouring water into her bowl, she avoids coming close,....just in case.

She will "block" me from my old cat...jealous if cat comes to me.

She loves to pull me on my bike, in the summer!

She is my co-pilot when we drive anywhere.

Right now, it's the shedding time. So, my vehicle looks horrible!!

Tell me about your Norwegian Elkhound!

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