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What breed would make a good second dog for us?

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HopeForTheBest Sun 21-Apr-13 13:12:10

I've already posted a thread asking about Australian Shepherds, as it's a breed I'm not familiar with but think might suit us as a second dog, but actually it would probably make more sense to ask this way round!

So this is us :

- we have a 7yo Parson Russell terrier bitch who is quite dominant and sociable/friendly with some dogs but not all
- both DH and I grew up with dogs (Dh with a boxer, me with a border collie)
- I am a SAHM, DH works full-time but is always around evenings and weekends and helps out then, but dog is basically my responsibility
- we have 1 DS who is 6yo, so has friends of that age coming over
- ddog gets 1 - 2 hours of off-lead exercise every day, including lots of ball and frisbee playing
- we live in a ground floor flat, with small garden, but surrounded by loads of loads of fields, vineyards, forests, streams etc
- ddog comes on holidays with us, by car, to family-owned places, so no problems there
- I have a small car for day-to-day stuff, which the dogs would need to fit into easily, along with ds
- shedding not really an issue as ddog is something of a year-round shedder, so I am constantly hoovering anyway
- not interested in guard dog/protection, and don't want incessant barker because of neighbours

I've also been looking at all the local rescues for ages, but there's been nothing, so we are now seriously considering a puppy again, hence the question about breeds.

Have posted about this whole getting a second dog thing before, but I'm thinking that it really is the right time now, while ddog is still really active and could happily cope with the energy levels of a younger dog. And obvously me too! wink

So, would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas! smile

fanoftheinvisibleman Sun 21-Apr-13 13:57:52

Do you not fancy another terrier? My Border loves other dogs and people.

I'd not really recomend them with tiny tots as puppies as they play a little full on but my ds was 6 and they are fine.

Floralnomad Sun 21-Apr-13 15:54:59

If you don't want another terrier ( I have a Patterdale X ) what about a working cocker spaniel , a very different dog to the show cocker.

HopeForTheBest Sun 21-Apr-13 16:24:38

Oooh, the working cocker spaniel looks very different to the show cocker, doesn't it? Will have a look at the breed description.

I'm worried that if I get another terrier I am going to have lots of snapping and dominance issues. I've never known a terrier to back down!

alicetrefusis Sun 21-Apr-13 17:31:30

Surprised there's such a limited choice in rescue - most are full to bursting.

My recommendation would be keep looking at the rescue ( perhaps for a WBD - when as a novice dog owner I asked my vet what mix of breeds my scruffy, but in my eyes utterly beautiful dog was he looked at me over his glasses and said 'madam - She's a wee black dog'

I think she's some sort of Patterdale/lurcher cross in fact smile

And my other DD is a border collie - you'll know all the commitment that brings but sooo worth it.

I agree on the terrier/terrier issue btw!

HopeForTheBest Sun 21-Apr-13 18:48:13

Re rescues: I am not in UK, btw, and while there certainly are dogs in rescue round here, there are not many (this is obviously a good thing!), especially small dogs.

A friend of mine volunteers in a small local rescue and they had 2 dogs there for months and months (ie only two dogs), one of which looked like it might be right for us but it turned out had such anxiety issues with both men and other dogs that I didn't think I would be able to devote the time it would have needed. Friend reported a couple of weeks later that dog had found a (hopefully) suitable home smile

ChocDee Sun 21-Apr-13 21:03:50

We have an Appenzeller mix. Mainly appenzeller mixed with either Australian shepherd or springer. He is super great as well as very handsome.
They are a Swiss herding dog and he soooo much fun. Excellent frisbee dog with some awesome moves and adores heading out on long bike rides. So, yes high energy but very happy to chill out at home. Even on those rare days that he does not get a walk in he is still cool calm and collected.

He is great with kids. Our little man is not a barker unless he is overexcited about the frisbee or the bike. But I have heard that full blooded Appenzellers may be a bit more vocal.

He was my first puppy as I met our two other dogs as adults. I kept reading on here what a nightmare puppies are and hard work etc. but nope, he was super easy.

The great thing as well is that number one dog has a real hunting instinct and the herding dog in him will not stand for it all. As soon as she tries to run of 'to hunt' he promptly herds her right back. Very useful!

Good luck in your search!

(We are not in the UK either, hence ending up with what we would consider a more unusual breed).

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