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Pup is now 4 months old and stile whines/pines all the time and wakes me up in the night.

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Marne Thu 18-Apr-13 17:03:41

I have posted before and was told 'he would grow out of it and to ignore it', we have tried to ignore as much as we can without pissing the neighbours off.

Pup is 4.2 months old, he's crated at night (as he anoys my other dog) and during the day he is in the living room (cant go anywhere else due to stair gates), he is walked every day and we do training (clicker) every day (so he's not bored).

Whenever i leave the room he cries, whenever he is crated (when the dd's are eating or when i mop the floor) he cries and whines. He wakes up in the night whining (wakes everyone up), i try and let him cry for as long as i can but often i have to give in (or the kids wake up), i let him outside for a wee and then back in his crate. Its driving us nuts, he's such a good dog appart from this, does as he's told and easy to train but he just wont start whining, sometimes when i ignore him (did it today for 2 hours) he starts barking and will poo on the floor to get my attention.

I know people are going to say 'ignore him' but theres only so long i can ignore him before i go around the twist' (or before he wakes the whole street up ). Help?

Marne Sat 20-Apr-13 17:04:27

Well, last night i slept on the sofa and left pup out of the crate, he slept on the floor (right next to me) in his basket and didn't make a sound until 5am, he did wake a couple times to check i was still there but after a stroke on the head he went back to sleep. He didnt even try and join me on the sofa. I think i will do this for a few nights and then gradualy move back to my bed leaving him un-crated downstairs.

Floralnomad Sat 20-Apr-13 17:27:24

That sounds like a good plan ,bless him .

Booboostoo Sat 20-Apr-13 17:45:10

You may also want to try Adaptil collars/diffusers. They work wonders for some stressy dogs.

insicknessandinhealth Sat 20-Apr-13 21:14:16

Marne our puppy is exactly like this during the day. The neighbours know exactly when we are out!! After about a week of crying all or some of the night she now goes through til 5 but is in the kitchen with the crate door open. Freaks out if we shut her in I think as others have said it's not for all dogs. We did everything to get to this point so she has a heat pad in bed, adaption spray, a radio on too, I wish someone would tuck me up in bed with all that every night! I am trying to practice coming in and out of rooms where the dog is a lot and no immediate eye contact when you first come into the room. No attention if they are crying until they stop and are calm. Also I think with the click and treat you can reward calm behavior like when they are lying still and calm but awake. Apparently if you've got a day to spare (ha!!) coming in and out of the room constantly helps them get used to you coming back after separation. Also if he likes training there is a kikopup video on YouTube about leaving your puppy alone using clicker and treat method. I am going to try doing this for a couple of short periods per day. I feel your pain re the neighbours though, mine have been very understanding so far but I'm acutely aware of how loud the barking is! It's making the time to fit all this training in that I find difficult!

Marne Wed 24-Apr-13 12:13:34

Well I'm still sleeping on the sofa with pup next to me, we have had a couple of bad nights ( lots of waking up and asking to go out ) but we have had a couple nights where he has slept through until 5 am. I think we are getting their slowly .

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