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Zylkene.. Anybody with any experience of it??

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thwinka Thu 18-Apr-13 12:15:34

Hi, my dog was seen by a behaviourist yesterday for quite bad anxiety problems. She has started us on a program very similar to BAT but has also advised us to start him on medication called 'Zylkene' which should help with his anxiety and have a calming effect on him? I just wondered if anybody had any experience of this? Did it help your dog with anxiety problems? She said it was quite a common medication suggested for nervous dogs but I am keen to hear if it quite successful?

SpicyPear Thu 18-Apr-13 12:29:25

I tried it for my nervous girl but unfortunately it had absolutely no effect whatsoever! I have some knocking around at home still. PM me if you'd like me to post it to you.

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