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My puppy saves her wees for inside!

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FragileTitanium Thu 18-Apr-13 10:07:18

My 10 week old nightmare puppy does all her poos outside nicely. No matter how often I take her out to tell her to "get busy" - she saves all her wees for inside.
Yesterday, she was outside for 1.5 hours with me including on a lovely walk in the park. As soon as she got home, she did two wees on the floor - the second we walked inside.

I'd be so grateful if someone would let me know what I'm doing wrong?!?!

Tutti Thu 18-Apr-13 10:13:21

i use tiny pieces of chicken..almosta smidge of a piece..and as oon as he 'performs' i bend down over the top praise and when finished i tell him good boy you did weewees or poops...and then give him said chicken..if only i could give treats to the weather....

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