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What's the best way to react when two dogs get into a fight?

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My dog got into a fight with another two today. All three were off lead and the other two bounded over to mine, mine snarled and then it all kicked off.

There was no way of separating them safely, and it was all snarling, barking, showing teeth and leaping about, looked and sounded really nasty but no biting or injuries.

The owner of the other dogs waded in with one of those ball throwers and whacked his dog to get it to move away, after less than a minute all dogs were back under control.

Should I have done something different? My dog doesn't like other dogs, he will tolerate them having a sniff but then he moves away. If they persist he will show teeth and then most back down, or their owners call them away. This incident really shocked me though .

Magicmayhem Tue 23-Apr-13 17:56:51

My dog hates to be sniffed for too long but will tolerate it, but if she runs off and a dog continues to follow and pester her she will give a warning grow if they continue to follow she has been known to 'tell them off' by what looks and sounds like a terrible fight... But there is never any bloodshed and its all over in seconds. I thought this was quite normal dog behaviour, and this is how they learn manners. And yes, she has been on the receiving end of this treatment, but only once. I can tell when she's had enough of a dog and ask the owner to call their dog away so it only happens when the dog won't leave her alone... I just shout 'that'll do' and call her to me and she comes.

Magicmayhem Tue 23-Apr-13 17:57:43

Yeah water bottle good idea... For the other dog... grin

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