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Puppy jumping up at people (only when they have treats in pockets)

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needastrongone Tue 16-Apr-13 16:24:07

As the title really, puppy (6 months) is doing very well at not jumping up at folk in general. He will happily ignore most people if they show no interest or, even if they do, but just stroke him, he will not jump up. He usually keeps all four feet on the ground.I click and treat this behaviour as often as I am able.

However, if the person has a treat in their pocket (this can be fellow dog walkers, the postie, our delivery lady), he can smell them and jumps up very persistently, more at the pocket than the person iyswim? He is very food orientated.

The tactics that I have employed so far to discourage this are;

- asked the people to not give him a treat, even if he is going through his full range of tricks like a loony (sit, down, paw, play dead, down etc). I am firm but they sometimes indulge him anyway tbh.
- asked the people to turn away and ignore and put their hand, palm down out etc.
- stuck him on the lead asap, but this can be difficult when he's bouncy and I lose the behaviour.
- clicking and treating when he greets folk appropriately.
- grabbing him with a firm no, but I don't like this response as I think he's receiving attention anyway, but would be happy to be corrected in this regard.
- he also doesn't get tip bits or scraps of any kind from the family, the DC are old enough to understand this rule.

Would there be anything else I can do, will he grow out of this? Most people are very indulgent of him, which I know doesn't help smile

needastrongone Wed 17-Apr-13 13:06:59


He was a little bugger this morning with my friend. It's treat/food related for sure, we watched closely to his motivation for jumping! He gets a big fuss from her when we meet up and is happy with this until he sniffs out or remembers the treats!

needastrongone Wed 17-Apr-13 13:08:36

Friend turned away and ignored, she preferred to handle it herself rather than let me get involved and isn't worried about getting muddy as she has been a dog owner herself all her life anyway!

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