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I think I've gone wrong somewhere - house training & she's over a year old!

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Stepissue Sun 14-Apr-13 21:34:37

I have two dogs, a girl and a boy. The girl is just over a year old now. Had her at 8 weeks and took her outside every 30 mins or so, stood in the garden with her, used a key word etc. She then usually goes, but it can take 10//15 minutes of encouragement. Give her a treat and then back in.

She will go outside but equally will just get up and wee/poo on the floor. This could be 10 mins after you have taken her up the garden. She is a toy breed who I had heard were particularly difficult to house train.

I've been waiting and waiting to get to the point where I could leave her (as in not be staring at her not as in leave the house) and not constantly be thinking 'whats she doing?' and where she'd bark at the back door to go out. This just hasn't happened.

Our other dog who we had after her, is only 5 months old and we did the same with him - he's brilliant, barks at the door if he wants to go out. Goes to the toilet straight away when you take him out, just seems to 'get it'. He's the same breed but he seemed to 'click' from about 10 weeks.

I hadn't realised how long this had been going on for with my girl dog but I've been cleaning up poo and wee every day for months now. What on earth am I doing wrong?

pugoff Mon 15-Apr-13 03:10:14

Haven't much advice but sympathetic to your cause.

We have two toy dogs, one is fantastic and the other is terrible house training wise. Both taught the same way. The younger one (DDog 2 is 14 months), will go outside when taken regularly, but if he needs it will also sneak off (I think because he knows he shouldn't) and goes somewhere in the house. Therefore does have to be kept closed, constantly think about when he last went and offer outside a lot. The worst is overnight as he seems to need to poo most in the night even if we let him out last thing and first thing , there will still be the morning poo waiting for me.
A tad depressing and we manage as best we can but not ideal, esp with a baby on the way. Have tried getting up earlier, changing food and feeding times and sometimes works but there is an accident still a lot of the time. Also tried crate but he screams bloody murder every time he is contained somewhere.

DDog1 (2 yrs) is fussy but amazing. Won't go unless the conditions are absolutely right, is very discerning and has held on for 17 hrs before now because the snow / slush combo wasn't quite right.

Interestingly, DDog 2 is way more intelligent than DDog1 (bless his simple gentle soul) so not sure where I went wrong!

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