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Moving the dogs bed

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sooperdooper Sun 14-Apr-13 09:09:06

We got a rescue dog about 6 months ago, when we first got him he was quite nervous and stressed, and he'd only settle to sleep in our room, his bed is now still there

Id really like him to start sleeping downstairs tbh, I'm quite a light sleeper and he wakes me up in the night and I just generally think its not great to have the dog sleeping in our room!

I know we've done the wrong thing letting him sleep here this long but I felt so sorry for him at first and wanted him to feel at home.

He's 8, and a greyhound, what's the best way to encourage him to sleep downstairs, just gradually move his bed out and hope he goes with it?

Lilcamper Sun 14-Apr-13 10:34:51

Yes gradually move it, put it out on the landing to start for a couple of nights, then the bottom of the stairs etc.

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